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Wine cork grape ornaments

I think this craft is one of my all-time favorites. My neighbor and I did a craft night before my Trash to treasure fair and we made so many cool things out of corks!

Unfortunately, I only have photos of the finished project. It’s hard to remember to take photos when you are crafting with one of your best friends. It’s basically non-stop talking mixed with singing along to Christmas music.

Anyway, check these out!IMG_0020

To make a wine cork grape ornament, you will need 8 wine-stained corks, a thin piece of cork, wire, hot glue, ribbon and a leaf!

First, you will need to cut the tops of your corks off. We used sharp knives from my kitchen to cut through the cork. Err, correction, Allie used the sharp knives… I couldn’t stand the noise it made. Either way, cut about half an inch from the wine stained end. We didn’t care if ours we all the same length because the different sizes gave the ornament a nice depth to it. (Can an ornament have depth?)


Once the cork tops were sliced off, I arranged them on a flat piece of cork that Allie got from TJ Maxx. It’s super thin and was meant to be a placemat. It worked great for this project, but you could use really anything to glue the corks onto. Cardboard, maybe.

Once the corks were arranged in a grape shape, we traced around them and cut out the cork. Then, we glued the leaf at the top (from a fake flower) and proceeded to glue each grape onto the cork.


When the glue dried, I poked wire through the cork and made a hidden loop behind the leaf. Then I strung my ribbon through the top and hung it on our holiday garland!

I absolutely love these ornaments and will definitely be gifting a few this holiday season.


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10-Minute Heart Garland



  • Felt
  • Yarn
  • Scissors


To make your garland, first you need to measure your mantel or wherever else you’d like to hang your decoration. I used yarn for my garland, folding it in half so it was doubled up and a little bit thicker.

Cut your yarn and tie loops at each end.


Then, cut out hearts from red felt. Each heart needs two slits at the top for the yarn to pass through.


Start to weave one end of the yarn through the cutout slits of the heart until all of the hearts are threaded.


Then spread the hearts along the yarn until they will spread the width of the mantel. Then, you are done!

Heart Garland

Hang it on the mantel some Valentine’s Day cheer made in less than 10 minutes!

Heart Garland

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Halloween Wreath

Dana asked me to make her a Halloween wreath so she can spookify her house. I told her that she should totally make one herself because they are easy and fun! She said she’d rather bake. I said I’d rather make wreaths than bake — guess that’s why we are best friends!

Dana picked up supplies for her wreath and dropped them off at my house, so I quickly got to creating a spooky masterpiece.

I used a wire wreath form and lots of spooky garland.

To start the wreath, I tucked one end of the garland into the wire wreath form. I dabbed some hot glue to keep it secure, then proceeded to wrap the garland around the outer edges of the wreath. Once the garland was all of the way around, I secure the end with hot glue and tucked it into the wire form.

Note: If you use hot glue on this sort of plastic garland, it smells like skunk. Oh so pleasant.

With the wreath part complete, I started to add the fun, spooky additions Dana gave me: Spider rings, glitter spiders, and  a glitter skull. I added all of these to the wreath with, yep, hot glue.

Totally spooky cute 🙂

Have you made any fun Halloween decorations this year?