Productive planting

Yesterday was an incredibly productive day. I mean seriously productive. I got up at 4:50 a.m. and went to a spinning class. When I got home, I took my dog for a walk before work. I made breakfast for two days and lunch. I got a ton of stuff done at work, too. AND when I got home, we made dinner that I had marinated overnight before running to Home Depot to buy mulch. And yes, I spread it, too! This seriously never happens! I don’t know what took over and said “You are not gonna sit still for a single second today,” but it needs to happen way more often.

On to my productive planting…

This weekend my dad met up with a parent he met at on of Elliott’s baseball games go was splitting her perennials. She gave him an entire trunk-full of plants for us to plant in our yard! Thank you so much, Rene!

Free plants

We got right to work unloading and planning where to plant our plants so we could get them back in the ground and soaked with water. Three hours later we planted two hastas, three liriope, a bunch of lamb’s ear, a bunch of fern…. and a ton of other stuff we didn’t know the name of. We also transplanted one of my strawberry patches to join it with the other patch, so now I have one huge patch! Yummo.

Last night on my productive spree, I dragged the hubby (OK, OK, he went rather willingly) to Home Depot to buy mulch so I could mulch my new garden beds. We bought 15 bags for only $1.48 each. Score!

photo (11)

In the photo above we have some daffodils braided down on the left and my strawberry patch on the right. I’m not crazy about daffodils, so I am thinking I might eventually make the whole thing a strawberry patch ­čśÇ

photo (12)

This picture is less exciting, seeing as I don’t know the name of this plant, but it has pretty purple flowers and will hopefully wind up the fence when it grows. It also shows my next plan for my garden, which is lining all of my beds with big(ish) rocks. The tricky part — I don’t want to pay for them haha. I will be rock ┬áscavenging to try to complete this task. I’m starting with the beds on the side of the house so the incompleteness won’t be super obvious when you drive by. I think it will look really great when it’s done.

This weekend I’ll be planting six tomato plants, which is absurd because how many tomatoes does one person really need? And yes, only one person in our house eats them — me!

I got three regular plants, one Roma plant and two cherry tomato plants. CAN’T WAIT FOR TOMATOES!

photo (14)

Speaking of gardening… my broccoli are doing well (I think). We cut down the itty bitty tree right behind our car port earlier this spring to help get my garden bed a bit more light. The broccoli look┬álike they are doing well, but I know my dad’s plants will be 80 times the size because of their direct sunlight all day long. I think this year will be really telling for future garden plans. I thought about moving my garden to the back corner of the yard that gets more sun, but that was gonna be way more expensive so I decided to give this area one more try.
photo (13)

And to round out a productive planting post… you know what isn’t productive?

This guy….

He just wants to play in the dirt and chase water from the hose. In fact, last night he took to crying when we stopped playing with the hose. Needless to say, he was rather soaked by the time we went inside for the night.

photo (16)

And when he isn’t sidetracking me from gardening, he’s certainly not being productive inside….

Lazy bones!

photo (15)


Landscaping our home

When I got home last night, my plan was to make dinner then run out to a craft store and pick up some supplies for a new project I want to try. So, I threw some chicken in the oven and asked the hubby to pour me a glass of wine, and I relaxed…

… for six minutes.

And then the UPS man came and delivered my package — guess who has a Ravens collar and leash now!!??!!

Totally cheesin’ it.

And then my dad called. We went out to dinner on Monday to discuss the possibility of landscaping our house this weekend and the hubby and I decided to go for it. So my dad called  last night to take me to Home Depot so he and I could pick out plants for the front of our house.

Here’s the front of our house now:

It’s not so pretty. We need shutters and a new door, plants to fill the empty-ish bed on the left, and to majorly trim back those crazy rose bushes. I also want to rid the front of our house of the fence that lines our sidewalk and the wood lining out two planter beds– it doesn’t match anything, especially with our new fence. Oh, and our well cap is pretty ugly, too.

So we shopped! Check out our sweet haul:

We filled almost the entire bed of the truck with plants. Here’s what we got…

Two tall grass plants to anchor each side of the bed:

Four Japanese Holly shrubs for either side of the low window and two mini holly plants for right below the window:

Six purple cone flowers (not sure where they are going):

Six of these purple flowers (Go Ravens!), but I can’t remember the name of them — I’m quite the horticulturist, huh?:

And ten liriope plants:

I am very excited to see how it all comes together. I think it will help the curb appeal of our house a whole lot.

AND, on top of all of this landscaping fun, I have SIX huge tomatoes ready to be picked tonight.

Got any fun plans for the weekend?