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New lattice

Today I am tired. Seriously tired. My weekend was packed with an oyster night, painting of built-ins and replacement of old lattice.

If that doesn’t sound tiring to you, well then I am envious. But add 6+ hours of being outside in what seemed like 100% humidity… I guess it is no surprised I could fall asleep pretty much anywhere tonight. Anyway, the important thing is that I can cross another nagging project off of my list! Our lattice.

I of course have no before picture of this project, but picture nasty, rotten wooden lattice hiding our garbage cans. Except it didn’t hide our cans… it came about 6-8″ shy of covering our recycling bin.

Did I mention it was rotten? So rotten that the lattice simply peeled away and the posts came out of the ground with a few good kicks.

Once the lattice was out of the ground and out of the way, my dad and I got to digging new post holes. Our plan was to dig 18″ holes and cement the new posts into the ground for a more sturdier garbage hider.

Post digging

Here’s where I add that my bossy dad did most of the work for this project. I assisted and pointed out when he was building things wrong 🙂 He is awesome.

After we dug two holes up front, we built a frame out of pressure-treated 2″x4″s and attached the lattice — I opted for the plastic version instead of the wooden lattice. We plopped it into the holes and made it level before adding dry cement.

lattice edge

Then we started working on the other side. Same thing… dig hole, build frame, attach lattice. When everything was level, we added water to our cement to permanently affix the lattice in the ground. We then started tackling the brick pavers — we smoothed the ground out beneath the already-existing pavers before adding patio sand. We threw some tarp down and placed the stones back in the garbage area. Nice and flat! Woo!

At that point, the cement was dry, so we put all of the dirt back on top of the cement and around the base of the enclosure.


LatticeBuh-bye ugly lattice, hello nicely hidden garbage cans


And in case you were wondering how bad the old lattice really was… here it is waiting to be taken to the dump next to our new stuff. Gross!

Lattice Old V New… Go Ravens!

Home Improvement

The family room is gonna be HUGE

Whew… last night the hubby, my dad and I (really the two of them) cleared out all of the debris from our basement. They just finished loading up a truck to haul it all away to the dump. SOOOOO PUMPED! You gotta see how big this room is!

Remember before!?!?!

What a transformation!!!

The boys loaded up the truck in about a half hour. Impressive, considering they had to tackle this massive pile of garbage.

So glad it’s all loaded up and ready to be taken away.

In other news, our fence is getting installed today! Stay tuned for pictures of our beautiful paddock-style fence!

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Project 3: Bottle Cap Magnets

I’ve been collecting bottle caps for a long time and really enjoy using them in craft projects. So far, I’ve made earrings, Christmas ornaments and magnets. I plan on experimenting with bottle caps in a doming block if I get one for my birthday (**fingers crossed**).

Today, I’ll show you the simple project of making bottle cap magnets. I made these for a coworker who loves Coca-Cola. They are on her overhead bins at work!


  • Bottle caps
  • Magnets
  • Hot glue gun

Like I said, this project is super easy. Fill each bottle cap with a little bit of hot glue and place the magnet right on top.

Be careful, the metal caps heat up quickly. Don’t burn your fingers!

Here’s the final product:

And here’s a bunch more I’ve made:

So, if you have a bunch of bottle caps laying around, now you can make them into colorful magnets for your fridge or your bar!