Breaking and entering

I couldn’t resist sharing this funny story with you all. Last week I got a call from my hubby while I’m at work — he called to tell me he got locked out of our bedroom. He blamed the dogs, but I think it was my fault. Oops.

When I got home I tried to unlock the door using one of my many keys, but none of them opened the door. You see, our bedroom has an actual lock on it, not a privacy lock. We’re really not sure why, and we should probably switch out knobs so this doesn’t happen again. But anyway, we were locked out.

I thought for sure I had the key to our deck door on my key ring, so I wasn’t too worried. But we tried every key in both locks, and neither budged.


Then we realized our second story bedroom window was open! You see where I’m going with this, right?

We walked to our neighbors house and asked to borrow their ladder, then trekked back over to the side of our house and set up shop for our own mini heist. OK, it wasn’t a heist, but it did feel sort of bad ass to break into the second story of our house!

Brian did the breaking and entering because I don’t do heights. Also, I think I was in a dress or skirt and that wouldn’t be pretty haha.


Any other bloggers out there? I bet your husbands LOVE when you make them stop and smile in the middle of something so you can add that picture to your blog. At least Brian’s a good sport 🙂


We’re in!


Like I said, too funny not to share.


Beer Scavenger Hunt

All my hubby wanted for his birthday was cake and beer. Being the birthday lover that I am, I was a little sad that he didn’t want to celebrate turning 27 with our friends and didn’t want any awesome gift. So I decided to make his request a little more exciting by sending him on a scavenger hunt to find his beer.

So, I snuck out one night to do some grocery shopping and to stop by one of the liquor stores in the area that has a nice selection of craft beers — Perfect Pour is the bomb! I picked out 28 unique beers (one for good luck!), and stashed them in my craft room so he wouldn’t find them. Then, I created 18 clues (they all rhymed!!) and strategically hid all 28 beers around the house and the yard. I also hid one at the neighbors. It was a lot of fun to watch him hunt, and it was a fun way to make his birthday a little more special.

Clue #1: Remmy likes to eat these, sometimes more than treats. Sometimes they are stinky, ‘cause they belong on feet.

Clue #2: All you asked for was cake and beer, I guess you’ll want one cold. Better find the rest real fast before you get too old.

Clue #3: Don’t hate me too much, some beers come in pairs. For your first set of two, go check the Harry Potter closet underneath the stairs.

Clue #6: You know who’s quite the loser? That Steeler’s boy – Big Ben. You know what’s so much cooler? Your beer that’s in the den.

Clue #9: I’d rather have a power tool than a brand new, shiny ring. Good thing they’re all so organized, you can find everything!

Clue #13: Modern Family and New Girl are the bomb. So is HGTV. Good thing ours is a 55 incher, with totally awesome HD.

Clue #15: While you’re outside, you should probably check the trees. Just watch out – don’t step in Remmy’s poop or pee.

I hid about half of the beers while he was playing a video game… so sneaky 🙂

Then, he ran out to get tonic water at the grocery store, so I frantically hid the rest. As he pulled into the driveway my neighbor shouted, “HE’S HERE!!!!!” I tossed the last beer into a pile of leaves, which was really hard to find later, and ran inside to meet him.

Also, to throw him off my sneaky scent, I went out and bought a 12-pack earlier in the day to keep good on my “cake and beer promise.” Haha I felt a little ridiculous buying even more beer when we had 28 bottles at home. Oh well!

All in all, he had a great time. If your man is a beer lover, you should totally do this for him. It’s hilarious to watch them hunt and is a manly(ish) way to make them feel special on their birthday.

And don’t forget the cake! Purple — just for the Ravens!

Wipe that scowl off your face, boy. You loved the hunt 🙂

Happy birthday to my favorite husband. I hope it was a low-key and special day, just like you wanted. <;3 You are always such a good sport.