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How to NOT glitter shoes

I don’t often talk about projects that are total flops, but I had an oober flop of a project last night that I thought I’d share in case anyone else is thinking about trying it. I had an old pair of black pumps that are SO comfy and SO beat up, so I wanted to try my hand at glittering my shoes with Mod Podge.


Well, it was bad. Really bad. I had skimmed some other tutorials on how to do this and finally was ready to part with my pumps and try it out, hoping for the best.

Turns out I followed a bad tutorial. Meh, oh well!

Here’s what I did:

I Mod Podged sections of my shoes and spread thick layers of glitter on top before shaking it off.


After I had the whole shoe glittered I let it dry for a few hours.

And here’s where I went terribly wrong. Dun dun dunnnnnn.

Once my glitter was dry I wanted to secure it to the shoe so it wouldn’t fall off as I walked. SO… I put Mod Podge on top of the glitter to seal it on the shoe. DO NOT DO THIS! Haha. Please. Don’t.

Mod Podge Shoes Gone Wrong

By sealing the glitter with Mod Podge I pretty much took all of the shine and sparkle out of the glitter. Boo.

By the time it dried, my shoe was so boringly black with no sparkle at all… ugh, such a fail. It also had a terrible texture to it

To make matters worse, even though I tried to make it better, I painted the tops of my shoe, the heel and the strap gold. Ugh. Bigger mistake.

Mod Podge Shoes Gone Wrong

Ugliest. Shoe. Ever.

Thankfully, I took this project one shoe at a time and didn’t waste any glitter or Mod Podge on the other shoe. Not so thankfully, I ruined my possibly awesome shoes. Oh well!

After looking around the interwebs to try and figure out just where I went wrong, it looks like a lot of people seal their glitter shoes with a clear glaze spray. That’s what I’ll be trying next time around.

Anywho, I figured I share my mishap since there seems to be lots of glitter shoes on Pinterest. If I can save another project from going awry then that’s a good thing!

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Feather candle

I can’t decide if this project is a craft fail or not. Remember the feather tray from last week? Well, I love that paper and thought it would be cool to make some candle holders for our family room that matched our tray.

So, I cut out two feathers and grabbed a small glass I bought at the thrift store and set out to make a candle holder.

To start this project, I mixed some Mod Podge with blue paint to give my candle a tint. I spread it all around the inside of the glass with a sponge brush.

Once the inside was coated with my Podge/Paint mixture, I placed two cutout feathers inside. I smoothed out any bubbles, then applied another layer of my Podge/Paint on top.

Using the sponge brush, I made lots of swooshes (that’s a technical term you know) in the mixture to give it extra texture. I also added in the slightest bit of black paint to pick up the black in the feathers.

Then, I let everything dry.

Once it was finished, I popped a candle in to check it out.

I like the texture and color of the candle, but I’m not 100 percent sure if this is going to be going in our family room (which means it’s not). For now, I’ll stick with my tray.

What do you think? Craft fail or craft success? What would you have done differently? I think next time I might try using a real feather and no paint. I have several more little glasses, so I’ll definitely be trying this one again.