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Painted Salt Dough Ornaments

Remember the salt dough ornaments from Sunday? Well, if not, let me refresh your memory.



Carrie, Amy and I made a bunch of these ornaments at our last craft night of 2012 and I hung a few on my tree right away. I also saved a bunch to paint. And, amazingly, I painted all of them on Tuesday night after work! I guess when no television shows are new it’s much easier to motivate yourself to work on crafts.

I broke out my Martha Stewart metallic silver paint that I used like a crazy person this summer (silver mirrors, silver chests, silver everything!) and a teeny tiny paint brush and started to paint different ornaments. I made three snowflakes out of the silver, adding ribbon to hang them on the tree by. I also painted a few with reds and greens. I painted a lot of ornaments last night.


I accented this snowflake with red dots using the tip of a small nail head.


Then I painted this little mitten. So cute!

I’d show more, but they are all gifts for people who might be peeking! You get the idea anyway.

One last thing… if the world ends tomorrow, nice knowing ya! 😉 Happy almost Mayan Apocalypse and happy Thursday.

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Red flower ball ornaments

My tree needs more red. It also needs more lights, but that’ll have to wait until next year. But as far as red goes, I can fix that now.

I bought 30 or so styrofoam balls at Granny’s Attic (an indoor yard sale benefiting Dana’s church) in November for only 50 cents! Total score! These things are inexplicably expensive at craft stores, so I was really excited to find such a bargain.

I grabbed a styrofoam ball and some red flowers from the Dollar Store and starting making a flower ball for my tree.


First, I took a bead reamer and pierced a hole through the ball.


Then, I threaded a button into some black wire and placed it through the hole in the ball. At the top, I twisted the wire and made it into a loop to hang from the tree.


I picked a pretty button so even that part of my ornament would be fancy. Oh la la!


Next I pulled the flowers off of the wire stems and hot glued them to the ball. This was tricky because hot glue melts styrofoam a tad bit, so I had to hold the flowers onto the ball for a while until they dried completely.


As I added more and more flowers, the ornament took shape. To fill in any white spots, I glued red petals directly to the ball.


When I was finished, I ran upstairs to hang it on our tree. It adds a nice pop of red to the tree without being terribly heavy.


Love it! Now I just need to get more red flowers to create more. I had just the perfect amount to cover one ball.


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Wine cork ornaments

Need a simple and pretty way to gussy up your tree this season? Try making these easy wine work ornaments.

All you need is a drill, some wire, beads, ribbon and a cork.

Using your drill, go through the cork vertically (run the bit up and down in the same hole a couple of times) to make a pathway for the wire.


Thread your beads onto the wire, starting with the beads you’d like to appear on the bottom of your ornament.


Put your wire through the cork starting at the bottom and piercing through the top, then add and extra beads you’d like on top. Twist the wire into an eyelet to allow room for the ribbon or hook on top. Embellish with ribbon accents and a skinny ribbon to hang your ornament on the tree.

See, wasn’t that easy?


I especially love this ornament because it is made from a Linganore cork, which is where Brian and I got married. Adorbs. I made a couple extra for gifts, too.


IMG_2134Wouldn’t it be so pretty to have a tree full of these? I think so!

wine cork