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Front Doors

Choices, choices, choices… The hubby and I bought new doors last weekend and are trying to figure out what color we should paint them upon their arrival. The problem: We cannot agree AT ALL!

We bought ReliaBilt doors from Lowe’s, opting for fiberglass with a faux wood grain. For our front door, we got the 3/4 lite and for our car port we got a 1/2 lite. The actual doors we bought can be seen here.

Our original doors are, err were, red.

{A Smith of All Trades} Front Door Red

I am le tired of red. It does nothing for me anymore. Our door is already somewhat hidden by our roof and eaves, so I want a bright and punchy door to stand out from the curb.

So, I painted our old front door, which is now our test door, mint! It is the color of the season after all.

{A Smith of All Trades} Front Door Mint

Personally, I love it. Well, almost. It needs to be punchier. But with the right hue of mint, I think the door will pop off of our white siding and contrast nicely with the redish-gray bricks.

{A Smith of All Trades} Front Door Mint

And of course, there’s the problem. The hubby hates the mint door. Hates it. HATES. And I love it. Love it. LOVE.

So, what do you all think? I am not opposed to doing a brighter red, but I don’t want to do a drab, dark cherry red again. We are going to get black shutters and our new doors have a gray glass in them. I think the mint would be beautiful, but my man sure needs some convincing.

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Chip Clip Storage Solution

{A Smith of All Trades} Chip Clip Storage

We’ve had amazingly beautiful weather this weekend and while I wanted to get outside and start on a few projects I’ve been planning, I had to do a little bit of spring cleaning first. I think we are going to have a yard sale this spring, so I spent my weekend going through clothes, shoes and stuff in general to start setting aside some goodies to get rid of.

I tackled my kitchen this morning, scrubbing it from head to toe. I also brought all of our cookbooks out of their home in the highest cabinet of our kitchen and found an easier-to-reach spot for yours truly. My hubby is 6’2″, but I’m only 5’5″ and can’t reach the tops of our cabinets too easily.

While I was tidying up our kitchen, I kept stumbling upon chip clips. Seriously, I think they are reproducing in our cabinets when we go to bed at night. We have a few that are magnets, but they fall off the fridge on a daily basis. We also have two sets of novelty clips — birds and moustaches 🙂 They are adorable, but they are ALWAYS in the way. So I took 10 minutes to create a creative solution to this ongoing problem that I am sure a lot of you have, too.

First of all, measure your cabinets from top to bottom.

{A Smith of All Trades} Cabinet Door

Mine were about 27.5 inches tall. I wanted to make a a strip of fabric to clips the clips to, but I had to be careful to make it the right length — if it was too short, I’d drill through the thin part of the cabinet. That wouldn’t be good.

{A Smith of All Trades} Measurements

After measuring, I popped into my craft room to find a fabric to use. I chose a navy fabric with hints of the green in our kitchen.

{A Smith of All Trades} Fabric

I cut the fabric a few inches longer than I needed, then ironed out all of the creases.

{A Smith of All Trades}  Fabric 2

Next, I folded each side into the middle, creasing the two edges I planned to “hem.”

{A Smith of All Trades}  Hem Tape

Once my creases were good and firmly in the fabric, I used hem tape to secure booth flaps of fabric down.

I ironed the finished strip and headed back upstairs.

{A Smith of All Trades} Hole

Next up — drilling holes! I was a little nervous about this since they are cabinets and would SUCK to mess up… but it worked great. I found four short screws and predrilled four holes in my cabinets.

{A Smith of All Trades} Screw

Then I added the screws. I started at the top and when I got to the bottom I had a few inches of extra fabric.

{A Smith of All Trades}  Bottom

I cut the fabric so it was about a half an inch from the edge of the cabinet. Then I secured it to the cabinet door with two screws.

Time to add our ever-growing stash of clips!

{A Smith of All Trades} Chip Clip Storage 2

{A Smith of All Trades} Chip Clip Storage1

All in all, this took a whole ten minutes to do and will keep our cabinets shelves and drawers clear of clutter!

{A Smith of All Trades} Clean Cabinet Door

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And the winners are…

At our holiday party on Friday the Dean announced winners for the school-wide door decorating contest.

Guess who won!?

We did! We took home second place for our awesome Charlie Brown Christmas doors to our suite. Go MarComm!!


I also tied for third for the individual door contest and my buddy John won first for his fireplace door. Our group is just too creative for words 🙂

Christmas tree


Congrats, John!


Happy Monday and happy last week of work before the holidays! Woot!