Fenwick Island

Drink happy

Brian and I spent last weekend in Fenwick Island, DE, with our best friends at their family beach house. I have gone to this beach house every year of my life that I can remember. In fact, it’s where Brian and I met 10 years ago!

10 years

We had a wonderful time reminiscing about when we met, but mostly living it up beach style with our best buddies.

We hung out at the beach, went to our favorite places to eat, drank a lot, read books, played games, went on the boat, kayaked…. basically the perfect weekend.

Oh, and one other thing happened…. MY BEST FRIEND GOT ENGAGED!!!!!


I am so happy for Dana and her fiance Phillip. I was honored that Phil let me in on his engagement plan ahead of time, so we were able to trick Dana into coming to the beach later in the evening so I could photograph his sweet proposal.

Dana's Ring

Check out that bling! Phil picked a celtic knot ring for Dana and she loves it. I am so excited for Dana and Phil, I can’t even put it in words.

I’m sure there will be lots of DIYs in her (and my) future as she plans her wedding, and I cannot wait to help her along the way.

OK, one last picture from our weekend… it’s actually one of my favorites of my hubby ever.

Beach Hubby

Love him. Love my besties. Love love.

yay 🙂


Beach love, home love

We got home from our beach outing today and boy did we have a great time. We have some really awesome friends. Being the pale person I am, I even managed to get sunburned with SPF 30 on a cloudy day, covered by a towel, and only outside for about 2 hours. I got mad skills, yo.

It was great to get away, and it’s great to be home. New craft tomorrow! Until then, here’s a few more pictures from our vacation.










A stormy day in Fenwick

The hubby and I are vacationing in Fenwick Island, DE., this weekend with some of our best friends. It’s a bit stormy here… Well, rainy. But the beach is the beach and we love it here. In fact, this is where we met eight years ago!







Hope you all have a great weekend!!