Craft Projects

Trash to Treasure Fair


Spent my Saturday at the Trash to Treasure craft fair that I do each year — except this year I had a booth buddy! My friend Matt makes all sorts of amazing stuff out of wine barrel staves and old pallets, so we joined together to sell our good.

It was a lot of fun and I have blog posts coming your way about how to make some of the stuff you see on that table — a lot of which would be great Christmas gifts!

Hope you all had a great weekend. Happy Monday!

Graphic Design

Love love love

I have a friend who always says, “I love love.” This made me think of her. I made one square of love (each letter is inside the previous one), then grouped it together and rotated it to make this piece. It’s pretty stinking cute.

Sorry that all you get today is a printable… work has been crazy (We are almost finished writing copy for our alumni magazine! Whew!) and I’ve stayed late several days this week. And now that it is dark so early I have such a hard time wanting to do anything but cuddle up with my hubby and dog and watch TV. Oh well. Tomorrow is a craft fair, then Sunday is my man’s birthday. It will be pretty low key, but hopefully a good one nonetheless.



My booth!

My booth is all set up for the fair today. I always feel like my booth looks crappy compared to the other vendors who do fairs as their real job. I’m surrounded by a ton of fair pros. But I’ve got lots of cool stuff and a QR code on my sign to take people right to my blog! Yay for DIY branding. Wish me luck today 🙂