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Teal Ruffled Shirt

We all have old clothing that we no longer wear or should no longer wear because they are old and beat up. But for some reason, it’s so hard to get rid of your favorites, no matter how rough shape they are in.

Shirt BeforeMy white ruffled T-shirt is from Target and I love it. I have it in navy, too. The navy shirt has held up great, but I cannot say the same for the white. Although it’s hard to see in the photo, the shirt had seen better days. Plus, I’m just messy. Messy Jessie. A lot of the ruffles had dirt on them that I just couldn’t get out.

Instead of tossing the tee, I bought some Rit dye off of Amazon and changed the whole look it.

It’s important to follow the instructions on the dye bottle. I opted to dye my shirt in a bucket, not my machine. I didn’t want to deal with the cleanup of my washing machine after the fact and I have a million large buckets.

Wet shirt and dye

I wet my shirt and mixed the dye in the bucket per the instructions (half the bottle w/ 3 gallons of hot water).

Then, I added the shirt to the dye and let it soak it in for about an hour. The bottle suggests keeping it moving the entire time. This was the one instruction I didn’t follow.


When the shirt was finished soaking in the dye, I rinsed it out until the water ran clean.

Then, I threw it in the wash, all by itself. Don’t wash your newly dyed fabric with other clothing because it will run and turn your other clothing colors, too.


After the washer, I threw the tee in the dryer. And then I tried it on!

Voila! In about 2 hours, my shirt was brand new. You can’t see any of the old stains and it brightened up the shirt. You can also see that every third ruffle is a little darker. I hadn’t really noticed before, but there are two different materials in the ruffles. Fun!

Tshirt done

Too cute! I like how it matches my phone, too.

Tshirt Done2So next time you don’t want to throw away an old shirt, think about using Rit dye to change the whole look.

Craft Projects

Peacock Blue Dress

My sister and I make a dangerous pair when we go shopping together — we are both pros. We went out on Saturday to go shoe shopping, which turned into clothes shopping, which turned into shopping for the hubby, too.

I picked up this new dress from Old Navy on clearance for $11.99. 

{A Smith of All Trades} Blue Dress Before

I loved the fit of it and the color, but there was a flaw in the fabric up front and center. For the price, I couldn’t let it slip away. So I bought it with the intentions of dressing up the top of the dress to hide the imperfection.

{A Smith of All Trades} Blue Dress Spot

A while ago, I bought four packs of flat gems with the intention of using them to make a bib necklace. Instead, I pulled them out to jazz up my dress instead!

{A Smith of All Trades} Blue Dress Gem

Each gem had two holes in it, so I double and triple stitched through each hole to secure the embellishments to my dress. I worked out a pattern along the top of the dress, and I would have stopped there but the imperfection was still showing. Then, I clustered the gems together in groups of two and three around the rest of the dress. This covered the flawed fabric perfectly. You wouldn’t even know it is there!

{A Smith of All Trades} Blue Dress Beading

The dress took hours to jazz up. I “watched” half of an Indiana Jones movie and (begrudgingly) Game of Thrones before I was finished. 

My hard work paid off and the dress looks great. I’ll be interested to see how the gems hold up since there are only two holes to secure them. You can easily catch an edge and that might cause the thread to tear. Just hopefully not the fabric of the dress… that would suck.

{A Smith of All Trades} Blue Dress After

I should apologize now for the crappy quality of these photos…. my iPhone usually does a much better job. 

Also, that picture doesn’t do this dress justice… so here I am modeling it for you (my favorite thing to do haha).

{A Smith of All Trades} Blue Dress Complete

Yes, my phone case matches it almost perfectly. And yes, practically everything I won is some shade of blue, teal, mint green or aqua. It’s a life problem for me. 

{A Smith of All Trades} Blue Dress Complete Instagram

Cheesin’ it on Instagram. See, isn’t the dress cute? Love it!

I may have also bought this exact same dress in pink. I don’t know if I’ll embellish it or leave it be…. oh the possibilities!

Have a fabulous Monday!!

Craft Projects, Jewelry

Geometric necklace

Update: I pretty much wear this necklace every day. I love it.IMG_0560

Ever have a project that starts out one way and ends completely differently? I wanted to make a pair of earrings that were inspired by something I saw on Pinterest a week or so ago, so I pulled out my beads and supplies and started fiddling with the beads. The further I got into my project, the more I wanted to create a necklace. I started with one color of bead and a small geometric shape, and I ended up with two tones of gunmetal and a wider pendant.

Onto the tutorial.

{A Smith of All Trades} Geometric Necklace

I started this project with one long eye pin, and 11 head pins (eye pins hav a loop at the end so you can connect them to other things; head pins have a flat or round end meant to stop beads from falling off).

{A Smith of All Trades} Geometric Necklace

On each head pin, I placed a specific number of beads. The number was important because it would help make my geometric shape later on. Here’s the pattern I ended up using (it’s not what I started with). 3: silver, 5: gunmetal, 6: gunmetal, 7: gunmetal, 8: gunmetal, 10: silver, 8: gunmetal, 7: gunmetal, 6: gunmetal, 5: gunmetal, 3: silver.

When each head pin had the correct number of beads on it, I twisted the end into a loop to stop beads from falling off the open end.

{A Smith of All Trades} Geometric Necklace

Next, I grabbed my eye pin and started threading the head pins on the order I specified earlier. In between each head pin, I place one gunmetal bead.

One the entire eye pin was threaded with head pins, I closed the other end using round-nosed pliers.

{A Smith of All Trades} Geometric Necklace

Time to add the chain. At first, I added a long chain so this would hang low in my chest. I later went back and added a clasp so it would hit above my chest (I told you I changed my plans a ton!).

To add the chain, I simply cut the amount I wanted, then opened each end of the eye pin and placed a link in the wire. For the clasp, you can attach it in the same way using a jump ring.

{A Smith of All Trades} Geometric Necklace

I really like this necklace a lot. Now that I have a good pattern to follow, I think I’ll try to make it again in funkier colors.

{A Smith of All Trades} Geometric Necklace

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

{A Smith of All Trades} Geometric Necklace