A house of truffles and a house-warming party

Like what you see? Of course you do. It’s a house made out of chocolate and basically the most amazing house-warming gift ever. You all know that every once in a while I have to brag about how awesome by best friend — and who wouldn’t brag about a friend who makes chocolate houses!?!

It gets even better. First of all, the house is chocolate (duh).Ā Total win. Second, Dana even put the pink chips on the same side of the house as our pink roses. Double win.

Third, there is a photo of Remmy looking out of the window. Triple win.


We need to have house-warming parties more often if they mean I get chocolate houses šŸ™‚ I almost don’t want to eat it! Almost…

Speaking of house-warming gifts… we got so much wine. SO MUCH WINE! I think we were given 25 – 30 bottles. Holy moley. We also got the yummiest homemade jams (blackberry, raspberry and blueberry) from our friend Amanda; adorable bar accessories (coasters and napkins) from our friend Mill; a yard game and grill tools from Brian’s momma; a picture frame and kitchen stuff from our friend Alissa; and a Ravens quilt and blue table runner from my grandma Becky. We are so spoiled.

Enough about our gifts. Let’s talk party.

Saturday was so much fun. We had a great group of people at theĀ barbecueĀ and were so happy that everyone was finally able to make it out to see our place. It was fun explaining to people the little tweaks we made here and there and explaining the big family room renovation. We had a ton of delicious food and drinks, and we had a couple of very entertaining yard games. Bocci and corn hole are awesome.

Even the babies who came had a great time.

This little guy even came wearing a tux! šŸ˜€ SO CUTE.

Overall, we had a fantastic party and were so happy to spend the day with our friends and family. You are all awesome and we loved having you over.

Sunday we crashed. Hard. I don’t think I’ve ever taken so many naps in my life. Even the dog was tired, and he didn’t even party with us!

Hopefully you all had great weekends! Happy Monday!


Mmmmm… truffles!

My bestie just had surgery on her left hand to alleviate the pain she’s been experiencing for months from carpal tunnel. It went really well and she said that aside from surgery pain, her hand and wrist don’t hurt like they did before! Fantastic news.

She’s taking the month of July off from all things baking, including her yummy truffles. But, she did make a fantastic duo of truffles for the month of June.

Her Arnold Palmer Truffles were AH-MA-ZING — definitely one of my favorites so far. The dried lemon on top (maybe it’s candied? I don’t bake much haha) was a delicious addition to the truffle, which was marbled on the inside with a lemony chocolate and milk chocolate. YUMMO!

Her other truffle this month was a Pistachio Apricot Truffle. Also delish.

This one was dipped in dark chocolate. Instead of a pistachio or apricotĀ flavoring, she chopped bothĀ ingredientsĀ for her truffles, giving the chocolate just a faint hint of the flavors.

Get better soon, Dana! Love you bestie.



Homemade Chocolate Pudding/Mousse recipe

Ready. Set. Go.Ā Recipe time!

My coworker recently shared her homemade chocolate pudding recipe with me and I am officially addicted. (Thanks a lot, Rachel!)

I tweaked the recipe a bit, subbing Splenda for the sugar and cooking the pudding on the stove instead of in the microwave… and it is ah-maz-ing. Seriously, you have to make yourself.

… well what are you waiting for?

You only need four ingredients for this pudding (five if you want to turn it into chocolate mousse), so get out your grocery list and jot these down:

  1. 2 1/4 cups of skim milk
  2. 3 tablespoons of flour
  3. 1/2 cup of cocoa powder (unsweetened)
  4. 1/2 cup of Splenda (or sugar… or any other substitute)
  5. 2Ā cups of cool whip (only for the mousse!!)

Combine your milk, cocoa powder, flour and splenda in a bowl and mix. You need to mix them super well, otherwise you might get chunks in your pudding (ew). I cooked my pudding on the stove on a medium heat, stirring constantly. Once the mixture becomes thick (usually right when it comes to a boil or soon thereafter), take it off the stove and pour it into a bowl. Place it in theĀ refrigerator until it cools down and is ready to eat.

Note: Rachel makes her pudding in the microwave, heating it at 2-minute increments and stirring in between. She said it usually takes her 3 -4 rounds until it’s ready. I tried this first, but I wasn’t crazy about the consistency. Having said that, I didn’t mix all of the powder in that great the first time around. I think that was the real problem. Either way, the microwave or the stove works!!

Here’s where you can spice up your pudding should you choose to do so. Once my pudding was ready to go, I mixed in theĀ 2 cups of cool whip, effectively turning my pudding into chocolate mousse. Yummo.

I topped it with a squirt of whipped cream and a few strawberries from my garden. (Only one strawberry made it to the picture… so guilty!) SO YUMMY.

I took this delicious snack outside on our new patio furniture (pictures of our cute set soon!) and ate my yummy summer snack.

The hubs and the Rems joined me. It was a lovely way to spend part of our evening!

Brian annoyed that I am taking his photo and that his friend is beating him at Scramble with Friends.
“Some of that dessert is mine, right?”

So have you added those ingredients to your grocery list or what?! You won’t be disappointed!

Thanks again for the recipe, Rachel.