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DIY GIFT GUIDE: Frosty the Snowman

Snowman Gift Guide

Do you know someone who loves snowmen? Or home improvement? If you do, then this decoration made mostly of home improvement findings would make a fabulous addition to their Christmas decor.


  • Styrofoam balls, three different sizes
  • Pencil
  • Mason jar band
  • Ribbon
  • Two nails
  • Thumb tacks
  • Staples
  • Wire
  • Hot glue


  1. Take the largest ball and stick a pencil in it. Weird, yes.
  2. Cover two inches of the pencil in hot glue, then stick the medium-sized ball on top. Yes, there is a random sock on my craft table. Thank you, Remmy.Snowman Base
  3. Do the same thing for the smallest ball, but do not push the pencil all the way though. This is the head of the snowman. Snowman Body
  4. Make a face for your snowman using two nails and a few staples. Stick each component into the styrofoam to secure it.Snowman Face
  5. Once your snowman has a face, add a few tacks along its belly for buttons. Place a small dab of hot glue under each tack so they don’t come loose over time.Snowman Arm
  6. Make arms for your snowman out of wire. Twist the wire until you have two long pieces for arms. Stick the pointy ends into the styrofoam. Or better yet, find two twigs to do the job.Snowman Arms
  7. Tie a piece of ribbon around the snowman’s neck. Cut the ends to the length you prefer, then “fray” the ends with tin scissor cuts. I added No Fray to mine.Snowman Scarf
  8. Take the mason jar band and line the rim with hot glue. Press it onto the bottom ball to act as a stand for the snowman.Snowman Stabilizer
  9. Wrap ribbon around the band, securing it with hot glue.Snowman
  10. Display!

Snowman 2

Our snowman is currently on the lookout for snow we are supposed to be getting today. Here’s hoping!

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Holiday Centerpiece

Happy Black Friday! Who is going shopping today!?! I am! Yes, this girl is crazy and I go out each year with my step mom and my sisters. It’s the one day of the year where it’s just the four of us girls. I love it.

On to the craft!

Sometimes cleaning makes you so productive with crafting! When we cleaned my craft room last weekend I rediscovered these wicker gold balls that I had scored at a yard sale last year for around $0.50! I’ve been wanting to display them for a year now with potpourri, but haven’t been able to find 1.) a smell that I like, 2.) affordable potpourri, or 3.) a pretty potpourri.

When Allie and I went shopping for other craft projects at Michaels, I stumble upon this gorgeous set of blue and green potpourri for $5 a bag! WHAT!!??!! Needless to say, I scooped up two bags and immediately created a yummy-smelling centerpiece when I got home.

Centerpiece bowl2

Everything goes so nicely together, and the gold makes it look holiday-ish. There’s also a green ribbon around the base of my bowl. Perfecto.

Centerpiece Bowl

Now, I just need a holiday-themed table cloth and this will really pop on my kitchen table. I’ve been eyeing one up at Le Target! Maybe I’ll bite the bullet and buy it today 🙂

Holiday Centerpiece Bowl

I love this centerpiece so much and I can’t believe it all came together so well, just from cleaning. That should be a life lesson I learn, but somehow I think I’ll conveniently forget it haha 😉