Elephant Necklace

I have a lot of Brian’s dad’s old, mismatched jewelry from after he passed away. He had some really unique things, but one thing that stuck out to me was an old elephant cuff link. It had no match, just like the rest of it, so I thought I’d make it into something someone could wear again.

I tore off the cuff link backing so I could add a bail for a necklace. It’s pretty simple, really. Here’s what you do if you have something you’d like to wear as necklace bling:

1. Buy a bail for your necklace.

2. Tear off any backing of your item so the back is flat. Then, using jewelry glue, put a blob of glue on the bail and a blob of glue on the back of your item.

3. Let the glue sit until it dries — overnight would be good.┬áString through a chain and wear your new bling!

Isn’t it a cute, sentimental necklace? So easy to make, too ­čÖé