Craft Projects

Baby Brother sign

My good friend Carrie is expecting her second son in September and I am so excited for her and family. This baby has been dubbed “baby brother” throughout her pregnancy (her last baby was nicknamed “Kermie”) and she jokes that it should be his actual name.

Using scrap wood from my console table project, I made her a sign for her little one’s nursery using the nickname.

Spare Wood

I pulled out a piece of wood that actually broke off where it was laminated/glued together to the other boards. (Hopefully that doesn’t happen to the larger sheets of wood I used for the tables). I sketched out “baby brother” and then immediately sanded it off because I didn’t like it.

I opted to freehand paint it instead.


I did “baby” in off-white and cursive.

Painted sign

Then, I painted “brother” in navy and a print handwriting.

I added a few dots of the opposite color to each word as a cute little accent.

Drilled hole

Then, I drilled holes in the top two corners large enough to string rope through.

Before adding the rope, I stained the board with a light weathered gray stain.

Stained word

This really helped the off-white paint pop.

Stained sign

I put the rope through each hole and knotted it so it wouldn’t pull back through, then hung the sign up to dry. Since it will just be hanging on a wall, I didn’t bother with poly.

Hanging to dry

I gave her the sign on Thursday and she loved it!

Baby Brother sign Carrie

I can’t wait to see where she puts it in her nursery and I can’t wait to meet her little boy 🙂


Welcome, baby Catherine!

There is nothing more exciting than when a new baby comes into the world. I had the pleasure of meeting the newest addition to my friend Amy’s family, Catherine Grace.

Before I show you a picture of one of the cutest newborns EVER, check out this easy gift I made for the little one.

The most fin thing to shop for for babies is clothing. But I have no clue what sort of gifts people have already gotten for their baby. So I like to make my own.

Don’t be too impressed because it takes all of 2 minutes — but, it’s a fun way to customize a gift for your friends an family.

Buy a onesie from Michaels.


And then buy some iron-on appliques. I got Catherine a pick polkadot onesie and I bought mustache appliques. Amy and I have a running joke about mustaches, so it was perfect!


Then all you have to do is follow the instructions on the package and iron them on!


Now Catherine has a totally custom onesie that no other little girl is going to be wearing! Totally easy. I’ve made these as gifts for all of my coworkers who have had little ones in the past two years. They seem to really like them!

Check out this cutie 😀


Yup, it’s a baby selfie!

Congrat, Amy and Garey. Your baby is precious and I couldn’t be happier for you guys!