Busy. Busy. Busy.

Hello blog,

I have not forgotten about you, although I haven’t posted in a few days. It’s been busy around our house with a lot of non-blog worthy stuff, and the next two weeks don’t look like they will be any slower. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day — my favorite holiday! Yay! Then Monday is my birthday. Double yay — well for me anyway. Double trouble for the hubby. He’ll manage though. We have lots of celebrations planned, including a Valentine’s Dinner tomorrow night, dinner with family on Saturday, birthday dinner No. 1 on Sunday, birthday dinner No. 2 on Monday, followed by Monday Night Trivia, and then a fondue birthday celebration on the following Saturday. I am full just thinking about it!

I consider my birthday celebrations officially started with the receiving of my first gift last night…. from Marlboro Cigarettes. Yes, you heard right. I get presents from Marlboro. Let’s clear up a few things: 1. I don’t smoke. 2. I’ve never smoked anything in my life. 3. I never plan on smoking anything in my life. To answer the obvious questions — why the heck is Marlboro sending you a birthday gift  — well, I haven’t a freakin’ clue! I somehow ended up on their mailing list and they like to send me gifts. In the past I got a sweet bottle opener that attaches to a bar. Too bad I donated it before we got our house and our bar. Such is life.

I know, I know… you are dying to know what they could have possible sent, right? Well, this little box arrived at my mom’s place last night. She texted me to tell me she thought maybe Marlboro was sending me free samples of cigarettes. That idea in itself was absurd, so I told her to open it and find out.

Marlboro Swag

Check out my AWESOME birthday gift.  Yes, that’s right. Yours truly just got some SWEET AVIATORS from a cigarette company. Randommmmm.

Marlboro Swag

I’ve got some bad news for Marlboro (who will likely remove me from their list should they ever stumble upon this post): those are sweet aviators and I will TOTALLY be rocking them this summer, but I am still not gonna pick up smoking. I’ve got enough bad habits as it is. Good try though! Maybe I’ll buy a candy cigarette and fake smoke in my aviators just for effect… but that still seems unlikely.

In other news, we are oober close to replacing some of the doors in our house. We are aiming to replace our front and car port doors probably in March and I cannot wait!!! My stepdad is going to help us with the install so I actually get to learn what the heck it takes to put a new door in. Sweeeeeet. The hubby has already warned me we will likely scuff up some of our walls and that I need to prepare myself. Good thing he did because it would and will totally stress me out.

In other other news, we started a trivia team with my neighbors and a few friends this past Monday night and we won Third Place on our first go at it! Go us.

OK, OK. Enough rambling. Happy Wednesday.