My sister got married

My sister got married on Sunday and her wedding was amazing. Here she is at the rehearsal with her hubby, Stan.  Are they cute or what!?


And since I was in her wedding, so that’s the only picture I have of the bride and groom together haha.

Isn’t my sister a beautiful bride? They got married in Chicago (I’ll post pictures from our trip tomorrow!) at Promontory Point, which is right on the water. There was dancing, deep dish Chicago pizza, LOTS of wine, and even s’mores!

Sister head shot


Allie’s wedding was all about the DIY. She made time capsules for them to open on significant anniversaries. She made boutonnières, centerpieces and place card holders. She made a “Mr. And Mrs.” sign for their table. We even all made the bouquets for her wedding. She was so creative with all of her touches, so it really felt like her personality shone through with her wedding.


We all wore white, which I was skeptical about, but it looked fabulous. Especially with our red lips and red bouquets!

So pretty

Congratulations, Allie and Stan. Glad I could be a part of your special day!


Happy birthday

Happy birthday to my favorite big sister 🙂

Wasn’t she just the cutest baby!?

And isn’t she the sweetest big sister?! Look at us cuddling 🙂

Make sure you listen to the Beatles’ birthday song like Mom always plays 🙂 Love you!

AND… happy birthday to my pup, Remmy. Sometimes I swear you are the spawn of Satan, but I love you all the same.

If this video of our pup doesn’t melt your heart a little, then I don’t know what possibly could.

Fun fact: Remmy shares a birthday with Allie and we brought him home on Emily’s birthday. It was totally meant to be.

Love this guy.

Check back later today for pictures of our painted living and dining rooms! The post is scheduled for later this afternoon!