The Blizzard of 2016


The East Coast got SLAMMED with a blizzard this past weekend and Brian, Remmy and I LOVED IT. Yes, we love snow. Maybe a little too much. Blizzard, oh heck yes — bring it on!

We were prepared. We set up our tape measure, ran to the store for a few essentials and hunkered down.


One of our favorite things to do in a blizzard is to go out and walk through the snow as it is coming down. We took the pup out on Saturday to see the state of the roads and how much snow we’d gotten — it was an adventure. We walked maybe 1/4 mile total, and it was exhausting!


The roads = terrible! And the snow banks were crazy.

Brian was able to stand on the snow and poke his head over the safety fence overlooking the highway. It was incredible.


The highway was crazy, and our neighborhood was crazy. IT WAS CRAZY.


We even snuck down onto the highway since no one was on it.


How often can you stand in the middle of a busy road with not a soul in sight? Crazy and oddly peaceful.

All in all, we got about 2 feet of snow, three days off work, one craft completed and one project underway! That was a productive weekend.

Snow bunnies

Brian and I have enjoyed being snow bunnies and Remmy has enjoyed rocketing through the snow at breakneck speeds. The shoveling was rough (especially when your shovel breaks), but hey, good exercise! The roads are still a little rocky, but that’s to be expected when a blizzard hits a region that some winters doesn’t get any snow at all. Fingers crossed and pajamas on backward that we get at least one more good snow this winter!

Did you have fun during the East Coast Blizzard of 2016?


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My best friend got married!

My best friend tied the knot last weekend in a lovely ceremony surrounded by family and friends. She looked absolutely phenomenal in her dress, which she found at a wedding dress consignment shop. Her aunt bejeweled her sash and veil, and Dana donned a warm, faux-fur shawl to complete her flawless winter look.

I was busy all day during her wedding, so my photos are not good at all. In fact, these photos aren’t even mine. (Thanks, Sara and Jenny!) Maids of Honor have no time for photos, sheesh!


Dana and Phillip got married in a beautiful chapel, then had their reception at the Savage Mill’s Great Room.


The room was still decorated for the holidays, with gold stars and metallic ball ornaments hanging from the ceiling. The bridal party got together the Thursday before the wedding to do the bouquets and centerpieces, which were made of baby’s breath and mason jars.


It was a wonderful day celebrating Dana and Phillip’s love. I couldn’t be happier for my best friend and her hubby.




I left my heart in Maine

Brian and I just took an amazing trip up north to Maine. It’s quite a hike from Maryland (actually, we left from our best friends’ beach house in Delaware), so we planned accordingly, stopping for an afternoon in Boston. From Boston, we visited Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park for three days. Then we headed south to Portland.

The trip was wonderful for so many reason — B and I don’t do a ton of vacations, so being away for 10 days straight was a godsend for me. No work, no responsibilities (our moms watched the pup!) — just relaxing fun.

Like I said, we started our trip at the beach — Fenwick Island, DE., to be specific. It’s one of favorite places on this planet: Great friends, great views, great food, great fun. Oh, and did I mention it’s where we met? Coincidentally, we were at Fenwick on our 11 year anniversary! I don’t feel old enough to have been with someone for 11 years. Holy cow.

The beach was great fun as always (and maybe too much fun one night…). We were sad to leave, but happy to visit a slew of new places. We drove from Delaware to Boston. Neither of us had ever been to Boston, so it was neat exploring a new city. I loved it, especially the Boston Common. We took advantage of our sweet hotel location and walked everywhere we needed to go, including the aquarium! Awesome aquarium, but not as good as Baltimore’s. Just sayin’. (There’s no Maryland bias there….)

From Boston we made the trek to Bar Harbor. Sigh. Bar Harbor. One of my new favorite places. We were only there for 2.5 days, but I am in love. Bar Harbor is a quaint town on Mount Desert Island and neighbors Acadia National Park. Everything here is beautiful. The homes, the water, the beaches, the mountains, the towns. It’s one of the dog-friendliest places I’ve ever been, too, and next time we go we are definitely bringing Remmy.

What did we do in Acadia? Hike, hike, hike and more hiking. We hiked in the pouring rain, we hiked in the fog, and, on our last day, we hiked in the sunshine. We hiked so many different trails: the Ocean Trail, Sand Beach, Gorham Mountain, Acadia Mountain and the Beehive. The Beehive was our favorite. In fact, we did it twice.

It was an insane trail — you had to climb to the top of the mountain using iron rungs coming out of rocks! I am very afraid of heights, so this hike was both physically and mentally challenging for me. But it was also so darn neat that when we were talked about our final hike I knew the best choice was the Beehive again. If you look in the gallery above you can see Brian on the rungs, the view from the top, some birch trees we saw along the way and the mountain from below.

That day we hiked three different trails for a total of 28,383 steps. Wowza. My feet hurt just thinking about it.

The views from the other trails were just as stunning. Really, even in pouring rain, Bar Harbor/Acadia is just beautiful. When we weren’t hiking, we explored the town, ate lots of food and went to an improv show (Improv Acadia is hilarious). We had such a lovely time (except when our whale watch was cancelled. You’ll see the sad faces we made when we heard the news).

My favorite photos from Bar Harbor are these next two. Me and the hubby, happy as clams on a cloudy day standing on the sand bar that Bar Harbor is named for.


And this incredible panoramic view from the top of Cadillac Mountain.


If you ever have the chance to visit Bar Harbor, DO IT! Seriously. And take me with you. … please?!

We left Bar Harbor for Portland — a charming city with rockin’ food. If you ever find yourself in Portland, you must go to Taco Escobar and Duck Fat. Holy delicious.

Portland was adorable and my kind of city. It was small, hipster-y, not terribly busy and on a beautiful bay. We took advantage of the water and did a whale watch tour (Odyssey Whale Watch) and a sunset wine sail (Wine Wise). I loved both, especially the sail. I’d never been on a sailboat before and it was amazing. Plus I got to drink five glasses of wine. That’s a win. I also really enjoyed the whale watch — we saw a couple of Minke whales and one sleeping Finback whale — but Brian doesn’t feel so hot once a boat reaches the ocean. Poor guy… I was at the front of the boat loving life and he was sitting on the side during the 4-hour tour trying not to be sick.

Here are a few more shots from the water that were too beautiful to collage:


Seriously, so beautiful.Portland_Schooner

The other really cool thing we did in Portland was tour Allagash Brewery. The tour was an hour long and totally free. We got to taste four of their beers and see how everything is made, bottled, stored, etc. It was so neat — and I don’t like beer!

We headed back home this past Sunday and while it is nice to sleep in my own bed, I am sad to be back. I really do feel like I left a part of my heart in Maine. Between the hiking, water activities, amazing views and cool summer weather — it’s hard to say what my favorite part of Maine is. All I know is that we will definitely be going back to Acadia in the future.

Now that your read about, skimmed through or briefly glanced as my awesome vacation…. I leave you with this — the perfect photo to sum up our trip:


My thumb in the lens because my arms aren’t long enough to take an “usie,” me cheesin’ it because I love boats and hiking and vacation and love and yay, and Brian pretending like he’s not having a good time to keep up his “I hate fun” appearances and looking annoyed that I’m taking yet another picture. It’s perfect.

A huge “thank you” to Julie and Rachel for their insider knowledge of Bar Harbor and Portland. You guys rock.