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Mirror, mirror on the wall

A month or so ago I went to a closing sale at a local art store. I bought a bunch of great supplies, including the picture frames that I turned into jewelry displays, a lot of paint brushes, a little end table and a pretty mirror.

The mirror had a vibrant gold frame with a beautiful pattern around the edges. I wasn’t sure if I would leave it that way or not, but I grabbed it before any of my competition could. I have such a hard time passing by pretty mirrors. It might be a disease or something… who knows.

Anyway, my cousin visited a couple of weekends ago (yes, this is related), and she brought the hubby and me a framed print of a photo she took during our first dance. It’s one of Brian’s favorite pictures from our wedding, so when I visited her in March we picked out a silver frame so the hubby and I could hang it up in our room!

Check out this gorgeous photo ­čÖé

OK, back to the mirror. After we hung the photo up in our room, I had the perfect plan for our mirror. All it needed was a few coats of silver paint, and it would go perfectly in our master bedroom with our wedding photo.

Before I started painting, I taped off the inside of the mirror. I am not that neat of a painter, so that was totally necessary.

Once it was ready to go, I applied a light coat of Martha Stewart’s metallic silver paint — this was the same paint I used to paint silver stripes on my wooden trunk.

I painted the mirror with a sponge brush instead of a paint brush. This helped me avoid uneven brush lines along the frame. It also helped me get the paint into the small parts of the frame.

I let the paint dry overnight, then coated it a second and third time.

So pretty! Doesn’t the frame of the mirror seem to match the color and style of the wedding frame! Wahoo. I love happy┬ácoincidences.

The paint dried beautifully, and again I am very happy with Martha’s metallic paint. It’s got the perfect amount of shimmer and sheen to it.

My dog is so cute in my painted mirror. Ha! Caught him red-handed (red-pawed?) eating a rock. Darn dog.

And just for fun… upside down dog in the mirror. Yes, I was having too much fun.

I love the mirror even more in silver, especially looking back at how vibrant the gold is. At the end of the day, I’m a cool-color girl. Silver almost always beats gold.

This quick upgrade to the mirror just proves that sometimes all something needs is a quick coat of paint. Easy peasy.

One last thing…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!!!!!

Hope your day was wonderful, baby sister.

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Project 2: Foyer Mirror

I spent my Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday doing some serious crafting. I added a bunch of new items to my jewelry store, which always takes forever, and I did a little bit of thrift store shopping. I got these two gems:


I spent $15 total on both pieces — a total steal if you ask me. The stool is particularly neat and has all sorts of ┬ástorage for sewing notion. It will go perfectly in my craft room once I get around to it.

Today, I tackled the mirror. I sanded it down first, with some help from the hubby.

Next, I painted. I went with black since it will match with everything. Three coats later….

I decided it needed something else, so I added an ‘S’ to the crest of the mirror. I actually bought it for another project, but I really liked the idea of it on this piece because in theory it will go in the foyer of our new home whenever we move! The knob was something my mother-in-law gave me that she found around her house. I think it looks great! Can’t wait to hang it up in our house.

So, what do you think?

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Project No. 1: Cork Mirror

OK, I’m pretty pumped that I’ve finally got this thing going… so here’s my first project post EVERRRRRR!

I’ve had this mirror for a while and I couldn’t quite figure out what to do with it. You will soon learn that I love mirrors and think they are so fun to refinish. This one was used as a display case for three old coke bottles. If you look closely you can see the slats in the sides where two shelves (which are long gone) divided the bottles from one another.


I also have a ton of corks that my hubby and I have been saving. We go married at a vineyard last September, so we have a bunch of corks we bought from the vineyard for wedding diy projects, so between those corks and the corks we’ve saved from the yummy bottles of wine we drink, I had plenty for this project.


Mirror — this mirror is about 2.5 inches deep


Hot glue

First, I picked out the corks I liked best. I thought the ones with wine stains had a lot of character, so I used all of those that we had. We also had a champagne cork that was a little funky, so that was a must.

I started to play around with the corks, lining them around the edges until they all fit smoothly around each side. That actually took quite a bit of maneuvering and switching of the corks, but I cam up with this:


Then this:


I started gluing each cork directly onto the mirror.

Note: It is smart to clean the mirror first, but my husband decided to throw out our Windex. Lame.

It’s important to go in order so the corks all fit nicely, so I made sure to glue them on in order.


Just a small dab of hot glue works great. Glue all your corks on and you are done! I might add another row to the mirror once we drink enough wine for me to do so, but for now… here’s the finished product:


It will look great in my kitchen, right next to my wine rack.

Thanks for reading! And yes, I did this project this morning at 6:15 a.m. I was just that excited.