Painted Wooden Signs

My girlfriends and  I got together to paint some wooden signs for our respective homes. Amy and Carrie made signs for their kiddos. I made a sign for ME!

Amy Painting

Amy's Sign_2

Amy's Sign_1We used the same process for painting the signs as I did for Carrie’s baby brother sign. Paint first, stain over it. The only thing we learned this time was that the gray stain really dulls out yellow paint. Amy’s sunshine used to be much brighter. On the other hand, her words pop even more. To make up for this, she painted the edges of her sign in yellow paint.

Carrie Painting

Carrie's Signs_1

Carrie's Signs_2

Carrie's Signs

Carrie painted two signs. One for baby brother, one for her son Eli. They turned out adorably.

For my sign, I wanted a quote from one of my favorite movies, Up!

My sign_1

I painted the words on first. I taped two lines so my words stayed straight.

My sign_2

Then I painted the house and a bunch of balloons.

MY sign_13

I made a last-minute decision to do a small Dug the Dog, who also looks a bit like Remmy!

MY sign_14

With everything painted, I stained mine gray. I liked that it dulled down my colors a bit so my sign looked a tad more grown up. It is a quote from a children’s movie after all!

My sign_3

I love my sign. I opted to not add holes for rope quite yet. I might just lean it on a shelf.

My sign_6

My sign_9

As you can see, I painted my edges, too. I pulled in a teal from the balloons. Love it!My sign_7

Adventure is out there!



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