Christmas, Holiday

Wooden Reindeer

Today I have got to show you one of my favorite Christmas gifts of the year. Our neighbors made us a wooden reindeer!!

OMG SO STINKING CUTE! (Imagine giddy screams when you read that…)


1. Is this the cutest thing you have ever seen? It i officially one of my favorite Christmas decorations.

2. They made this themselves! So impressed.

3. What is even more impressive is that they made A TON of them. Yeah, we weren’t the only lucky ones to receive this gift this year! What a thoughtful gift.

Reindeer Pieces

Another perk of the reindeer — he disassembles into four easy-to-store pieces! #Winning

Thanks you, Allie & Chad. I love my, errrr our reindeer. But for real, he is mine. And I need to come up with an awesome name for him.

Happy Thursday! (Read: Is it Friday yet? Sheesh!)


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