Holiday Pup

I love the pictures of pets wrapped in lights. Love love love.

I came home from work the other day and decided I was going to try to do this IMMEDIATELY. So I walked in, unplugged some colorful lights and grabbed my pup and a treat. Here’s how this whole thing went down.


Rem and B waiting
Brian and Remmy waiting for the lights to go on. Brian has a treat in his hand, hence Remmy’s patience. And yes, sometimes he sits that pretty.

Imagine about 30 or so shots or total blurriness….

Remmy lights confused
Rem's feet
This one could have been good if the whole dog was in it. Probably time to abandon solo Remmy.
Rem and B
Brian jumps into the picture. Too bad we didn’t think to turn off the TV. Oh, and B is blurry.

The only “good” shot I got. Brian’s body is in it, but he isn’t. Weird. But Rem still looks cute. I’ll take it!

Remmy in Lights
I’m in lights! Are we done now? — Remmy

My only advice for anyone else who wants to try this?! Bring more than one treat 🙂

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