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Closet Doors

My hubby and my neighbor are amazing and surprised me by installing new closet doors in our office while my best friend and I were visiting my sister last weekend. Our house is all sorts of crooked, so they only installed one of the two doors while I was away because they wanted my opinion on how to solve the issue. I was so surprised by the one door — it was like Christmas.

Yes, a closet door was like Christmas! You see, we took down the bifold doors in our office months ago. Gosh, it might have even been close to a year ago. Then a few months ago we bought new closet doors to replace them. Except instead of bifolds, which I hate hate hate, they are now french doors. Saweeeet. BUT, we didn’t have the appropriate tools to hang them.

Here’s what the doors looked like when we moved in:

Office Before


They were crooked on the tracks and were such a pain to open. We eventually got rid of them because on of the doors broke at the bottom and we couldn’t use it anymore.

Anywho, after asking me how I wanted to even out the doors to accommodate the crooked opening, the boys got back to it and quickly (or at least I thought so) finished hanging the doors. I would give you details on how they did it, but I was putting away massive loads of laundry and for once was happy to stay out of the way. Let’s just say there seemed to be lots of cuts made with a circular saw.

Closet Doors unfinished

Can I just say that my neighbor is awesome!?! He brought his tools over and helped Brian with the install — twice! And once was at 8 a.m. And it wasn’t even his closet. That is a good friend!

And can I also just say that I love my man to pieces. He knew the unfinished closet was slowly (OK, maybe not that slowly) driving me mad. And he finished it to surprise me. AND my man decided that he doesn’t like knobs on his closet doors (who knew) so he opted for some large handles and it looks bangin’ good! I am doubly impressed.

Once the doors were up it was my turn to do some work on the closet, so I got to painting. We used Cascade White paint by Behr, which is the same white we used to paint the lower half of the office.

Closet Doors Painted

I love the french doors on the closet and eventually want to do this to all of our sliding closet doors as well. We’ll see if I get my way on that one.

They really do look so much better than the bifolds (and my Harry Potter collection looks nice, too!) and I am so thankful to have so many wonderful men in my life to help me out with projects like this.

Chad, you’re awesome. Brian, I love you. (And Benfer, thanks for supervising!)

Happy Monday! May your day be as great as mine was when I saw the first closet door hung up 🙂

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