Leg issues and the cone of shame

I’ve been down for the count for a little while with some issues with my leg. There’s been no crafting, lots of doctor’s visits, lots of stress and lots of tears. But my leg is doing so much better that I can finally think about doing something other than sitting my butt on the couch and watching television. Thank goodness!

There must be something going on with my family, too… even poor Rem has been down for the count. Check out my pup in his cone of shame!

rem in cone

He had an ear infection, which made him a little crazy, so he licked his paw raw 😦 Poor guy!

We are all doing better. My sick little fam is on the mend.

1 thought on “Leg issues and the cone of shame”

  1. What’s wrong with your leg? Poor Remy. He looks so forlorn.



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