Craft Projects

Turtle Mosaic

I was asked to help create a turtle mosaic at work for an upcoming giveaway at a conference. So one of our students and I sat down to tackle the project using various tiles, glue, grout and a 16″ cement slab.

We laid out our tiles in the shape of a turtle.

Turtle Mosaic

When we had a design we liked, we began to assemble it with glue. Each piece had to get a dab of glue on the back and a dab of glue on the cement. We let it dry for an hour.

Turtle Mosaic

Once it was dry, the student filled in the piece with white grout. It turned out beautifully!

Finished mosaic

Aren’t you jealous that I got to do a mosaic at work?! Ha! It took a little longer than I anticipated, but it was a lot of fun to hang out with one of our MBAs and work on a creative project.

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