Spring Break update

Remember that list I mentioned a few days ago of things I’d like to do over Spring Break? How come no one wanted to tell me I am nuts!!??!! There is simply no way I’ll be able to get the majority of the stuff done — but that is OK with me.

I have been working on our laundry room cabinets — it’s going really well. I’ve got the bases all painted and the countertop off and tossed outside. There has only been one spider sighting (I sucked it up with our dust buster!) and no centipedes anywhere. That is a win right there, although I did panic once when I got cobwebs on my hand. I bet that would have been pretty funny to see.

Today I am going to seal the base and start on the doors. Then I need to figure out how to reinstall the new countertop so it doesn’t sag in the middle like the old one did. I am not sure if that countertop was busted to begin with or if the way they installed it led to the sag in the middle.

I also need to paint our front door because 1) it’s actually nice outside today, and 2) we bought new doors on Saturday and I want to test out paint colors on the cruddy door before our new, beautiful doors come. We ended up getting a 3/4 light door for the front with a beautiful glass design — this way we’ll get a lot of light, but still a lot of privacy. For the car port, we opted for the same exact door, but in a 1/2 light. This will be a HUGE upgrade because we currently have a door with a half lite, but none of it is frosted privacy glass. I thought about making curtains for it, but I new we’d eventually get a new one. Now we’ll have privacy at night and lots of light during the day! Awesome πŸ™‚

For those of you who don’t know, a full lite is when the window/glass spans almost the entire door. The 3/4 lite is when it spans about 3/4 of it (go figure), and so on. Our doors have rectangular windows with a patina finish on the metal design and a few gray pieces of glass. I think they’ll look really great once they are hung on the house πŸ™‚ I can’t wait! As far as color scheme goes, well, I’m keeping that a secret!

On my to do list today:

  • Grocery shopping (lame-o)
  • Home Depot for cabinet supplies
  • Painting the cabinet doors
  • Dinner out with a girl friend
  • If I am extra ambitious — testing a paint color on our front door.

If I can come close to finishing the laundry room today, then I am hoping to try and tackle the ottoman project I want to do later in the week. Who knows! It feels like I should be going back to work tomorrow, but I still have six more days (including today) to be home and to be awesome.

Happy Tuesday — I’m confident I’ll be posting the laundry room makeover by the end of the week, so stay tuned!

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