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Believe you can and you will

I love my Mac. OK, it’s not my Mac. It’s a work computer. But as I sit here on my laptop watching Iron Man 2 and messing around in Photoshop and InDesign, gah… it’s just awesome. I heart me some Adobe programs, too.

Before I go into this little graphic design project, I gotta give a shout out to my Ravens, who kicked some ass this weekend are going to the AFC Championship game next weekend. They will be playing the Patriots, just like last year. We lost at the last second, so it’s gonna be a huge redemption game for us. *Fingers crossed* This weekend’s game was probably the best, most stressful, well-played game I’ve ever seen. Holy moly.

OK, enough about football. Have you seen the printables that are meant to look like chalkboard writing? I tackled one tonight using a free chalkboard download here. They are available in three different colors from Blondie Loves. Download whichever you’d like and get to creating.

In InDesign, I messed around with the saying, “Believe you can and you will.” When I got an arrangement I liked (I used Appleberry and Clementine fonts, both are free), I copied it and dragged it into Photoshop.

Then, using the paint brush tool, I added just a few chalky accent lines.


Believe you can

Check back tomorrow for a super adorable Valentine’s Day craft!


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