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Metal Chair Redo

metal chair redo

Years ago my momma had a metal chair in her bathroom sitting at her vanity that she decided to trade in for something a little more modern. Even back then I scooped up this treasure with the quickness to refinish and use in my bedroom. The chair was olive green with a camel-colored leather seat. I painted it white and recovered the seat with a thin, blue fabric… and that’s how it has stayed for years and years and years.

chair before

I finally decided I had had enough of this look, mainly the worn-in seat that I covered with quilting fabric versus home decor fabric. Rookie move.

So to start on my redo of a redo, I took the seat off of the chair and started to rip of all of the layers of fabric. First the blue.

chair cushion… then the tan…


Then Remmy needed to investigate my work.


To make my chair a little more comfy, I added a layer of batting to the top.


Then I ironed the fabric for the chair and began to staple it to the cushion.


Since the seat is round I stapled ever few inches, folding the fabric along the way.





Then I put it on top of the chair to see how it looked.


Too similar to before! Time to go big or go home (where I already was… so not sure that works here… but whatevs!) I painted the chair vintage gold.

IMG_2546Time to add the cushion!


Before and After? Yes, please!

Chair before and after

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