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How to NOT glitter shoes

I don’t often talk about projects that are total flops, but I had an oober flop of a project last night that I thought I’d share in case anyone else is thinking about trying it. I had an old pair of black pumps that are SO comfy and SO beat up, so I wanted to try my hand at glittering my shoes with Mod Podge.


Well, it was bad. Really bad. I had skimmed some other tutorials on how to do this and finally was ready to part with my pumps and try it out, hoping for the best.

Turns out I followed a bad tutorial. Meh, oh well!

Here’s what I did:

I Mod Podged sections of my shoes and spread thick layers of glitter on top before shaking it off.


After I had the whole shoe glittered I let it dry for a few hours.

And here’s where I went terribly wrong.Β Dun dun dunnnnnn.

Once my glitter was dry I wanted to secure it to the shoe so it wouldn’t fall off as I walked. SO… I put Mod Podge on top of the glitter to seal it on the shoe. DO NOT DO THIS! Haha. Please. Don’t.

Mod Podge Shoes Gone Wrong

By sealing the glitter with Mod Podge I pretty much took all of the shine and sparkle out of the glitter. Boo.

By the time it dried, my shoe was so boringly black with no sparkle at all… ugh, such a fail. It also had a terrible texture to it

To make matters worse, even though I tried to make it better, I painted the tops of my shoe, the heel and the strap gold. Ugh. Bigger mistake.

Mod Podge Shoes Gone Wrong

Ugliest. Shoe. Ever.

Thankfully, I took this project one shoe at a time and didn’t waste any glitter or Mod Podge on the other shoe. Not so thankfully, I ruined my possibly awesome shoes. Oh well!

After looking around the interwebs to try and figure out just where I went wrong, it looks like a lot of people seal their glitter shoes with a clear glaze spray. That’s what I’ll be trying next time around.

Anywho, I figured I share my mishap since there seems to be lots of glitter shoes on Pinterest. If I can save another project from going awry then that’s a good thing!


14 thoughts on “How to NOT glitter shoes”

  1. That is awesome news!!! I made my BM glittered wine glasses, and after we finished my MOH told me she read somewhere Mod Podge can get sticky when damp.. so she went and bought outdoor Mod Podge that is supposed to be waterproof etc.. But I’m glad to know even normal Mod is ok! I just did a pair of shoes this weekend, I was worried if I wore them out & it rained they’d be ruined! And I’m making 150 glittered wine glasses for my wedding favors.

  2. Ohmygoshthankyou!!! I was literally moments away from putting mod podge all over my newly glittered heels and then I thought to myself, “I should check with the internets first just to make sure this is legit” and then I found this post and it saved me. You are a glittered heel life saver!

  3. Just read ur posting wish I was a day earlier I used the mod podge for my sealer per the internet tutorial. What a mistake….can you tell me what kind of sealer you used next and how it turned out?

  4. It’s not the Mod Podge. It’s the black. When black glitter is sealed it looks like tar. Try mixing some bling or silver glitter with the black

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