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Ribbon Ornaments

I’ve been really into making ornaments for our tree lately, and here is one inspired by le pinterest.

I saw an ornament on pinterest that was a Christmas tree made out of ribbon. I ran out of green ribbon after making labels for my applesauce, so my first attempt to make the tree failed miserably because the ribbon was too short. So instead, I made a flouncy ornament out of white ribbon that is pretty just the same.

To start your ornament, find a charm or a bead that you can hand from the end and secure it to a thin piece of wire. You don’t want a wire that is too thick or it will be touch to get it to pass through the ribbon.


Once you have your bottom charm secured, fold your ribbon into a point and pierce it with the wire. Immediately place a bead onto the wire to hold the ribbon down.


Then, in alternating lengths, fold the ribbon and pierce through the middle of the fold. Do this a couple of times, and then add a bead.


Continue until you have a shape you are fond of. If you use green ribbon, you might want to start big on the bottom and get small as you work your way up.

I started with smaller folds, then allowed my folds to get larger in the middle, then small at the top again. I really like the shape it created.

When you are finished with your ornament, fold the ribbon again (so it wont fray) into a point and piece it through the wire on last time. Then make a loop with the wire and wrap it around the base of the loop to tie the whole thing off.

Thread a ribbon or string through your looped wire, and your ornament is ready for the tree.


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