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Give Thanks printable

Well, it’s almost Thanksgiving. Holy moly, it is early this year. Thanksgiving is always crazy for us because we travel to Ohio to see my dad’s family. That doesn’t sound too crazy, but when you consider that we go up on Wednesday night and come back Saturday morning and that it is a 9-hour drive… well, you see what I’m talking about. But family is family, so we suck it up and go. And we have a great time 🙂

Today’s post is another graphic design tutorial using screen caps in InDesign. Let’s do this!

I wanted to make a “Give Thanks” printable/computer background for the month of November, so I opened up a new InDesign doc and got to work.

Since Fall has such rich, warm tones, I chose an orange for the background by dragging a box to the edges of the paper and filling it.

I adjusted my orange using the CMYK sliders.

In a second layer, I made this cross-looking design using the font Soft Ornaments Six. This shape is four “letters” rotated and joined together.

I liked this look, so I grouped the four “letters” together, then copied and pasted them into another layer. I rotated them so the cross became a snowflake-y design.

Then I added my words. I put them into one text box at first before I started to manipulate the text.

I found a font I like called Albemarle Swash, so I changed my text to that font and started playing with colors. First purple.

Nope. Then light blue with a brown background…

And then I changed “give” to be smaller and all lowercase, resting it on the upper curl of the “k.”

… and then I got tired of looking at orange. Shocker. I can’t stay away from blue, no matter how hard I try. I also made the document a square instead of a rectangle and changed my text to black.

I like how it turned out, even though the colors have nothing to do with the fall. In the blue, the background looks more like a snowflake, which means I can use this as my background all through the winter.

Feel free to download this printable, and remember to give thanks!

Things I am thankful for:

  • My husband
  • My family
  • My friends
  • My pup
  • My job and my awesome coworkers
  • My new and awesome neighbors
  • My house. Gosh, I love my house.
  • My blog and all of my followers!
  • …. and so many other things.

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