So many pallets…

… so little time.

Yes, that’s right. I have a total of five pallets to destroy! Woo! I have grand plans for one or two of them… AND since my pallet sign turned out so well, the hubby doesn’t seem to care too much that I brought three of them home this week and grabbed one more from our neighbor. I’m leaving the one in my office alone for a bit longer — I definitely don’t need five pallets at home (not that I need four either).

I have no idea when I’ll actually have time to work on these projects since it is getting to be holiday season, which means I am super busy. This weekend I am doing the Trash to Treasure Fair on Saturday and am (hopefully) making homemade applesauce all day on Sunday. If not, maybe I’ll get around to it sometime this week after work. Unfortunately, with the weather being chilly and it getting dark so early, it’s less exciting to be outside after work using my power tools. We’ll see though!

Next weekend is another craft fair and the hubby’s birthday. Then the weekend after that it is Thanksgiving! Like I said, we are always busy during holiday season. I doubt December will be any slower for us. We are just so darn popular ;p

TGIF! Have a great weekend!

1 thought on “So many pallets…”

  1. The trouble with pallets is that we have companies who bring us their materials in them. They drop them off. Then next week, guess what! More pallets arrive. Know what happens the following week? That’s right, you guessed it! More pallets come! I have called companies to come and get them. Know what they want me to do? PAY THEM. So, since we can’t earn any money by selling them to anyone, and since we are not going to pay someone to come and get them, we put them out and hope they get stolen. They’re usually gone over the weekend. My brother used to be one of those people who got paid to pick them up. Then he would deliver them to a place that would buy them from him. So he got money from both ends. but unless someone wanted to clean them first, I wouldn’t put it in my house. But even clean it’s a rustic look and not very modern. I love whoever posted that picture of the one they refinished. that was good!

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