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Flower pins and barrettes

I was a crafting machine this weekend! Unfortunately for the blog, I was making oodles and oodles of the same things, all of which I’ve shared with you already. My weekend was consumed with Mod Podged candles and feather pins and barrettes. I did get a chance to try something new that I think will be a big hit at my fair in November — flower barrettes! If I had a daughter, she’d be wearing these things every day. They are so flippin’ cute!

Since I was making these for the Trash to Treasure fair, I was using materials that others my otherwise think of as garbage. So, I pulled out a scrap of blue fabric about 4 inches x 6 inches and some cardboard that came in a package at work this week.

The first thing I did was cut out five petals from my fabric. I cut these petals with a pointy tip, but I think I like the rounded edges a little bit more.

Next, I sewed the petals together. To do so, I started on the bottom edge of the petal and stitched it down through the top, then back and forth three times. This puts a nice little crease in each petal.

Once you do the first, add the rest in the same manner. With all five threaded, put a stitch back through the first petal, then tie the thread in a knot.

Now it’s time to add the backing. I cut out a square of cardboard and a piece of felt and glued them to one another. Then, I glued the cardboard side to the back of the flower.

By glueing the cardboard side to the flower, this leaves the felt side up — this is the part that will touch your hair, so you want it to be soft.

Next step: hot glue on the barrette clip or your pin back. I made this on into a pin.

Clean up the felt by removing the hot glue strings, then flip over your pin and add a button to jazz it up!

All done!

Here are a couple more that I made. This one is another pin:

And this one is a barrette. I added tulle “leaves” to this one. So cute!

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