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Copper and Silver headband

I set out the other night to make myself a new headband. I’ve been holding onto this extra silver headband base for two + years now, and it was long past time for me to do something with it.

I rediscovered some awesome bead/buttons I have at craft night last weekend, so I dug through my tupperware full of buttons to pull our four copper flower buttons. Originally, there were a bracelet that someone gave me to cut up. So cut it up I did, and I sure am glad because these beads/buttons make a way cuter headband than they ever did as a bracelet.

This project was really simple. All you need is some felt, hot glue, flat or hollow buttons, and a headband base.

To get started, I cut out four circles of felt that would fit behind each button. I chose to use felt so that the glue wouldn’t touch my hair.

Next, I added hot glue on my button and placed the headband on top.

Then, I placed an extra dab of hot glue on top of the headband and quickly placed a circle of felt on top. My buttons are metal, so they got pretty hot pretty quick. I rested the button and headband on fabric while the glue hardened before adding the remaining three.

Once all four buttons were on, I cut out a long, skinny strip of felt and glued it down the center.

All that was left to do was let the buttons cool completely and clean of any strands of remaining glue — then I tried it on.

I really like how you can still see the silver in the band. I love the look of contrasting metals.

So what do you think — super easy, huh? I bet you all want to make your own headbands now! You totally should 🙂


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