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Feather tray

Since I actually like our coffee table now, I wanted to be sure we keep it looking nice. So it’s time we got used using coasters again… to help us with this, and to keep us a little more organized, I wanted to make a stylish tray to sit on our table to store our remotes (all three of them) and coasters.

I picked up an ugly little tray at the thrift store for $2.

OK, it’s not that bad… just SO not my style. A little too country for this girl.

Anyway, I sanded the tray down and took it outside to give it a coat of black spray paint.

Once the try was dry, I took it inside and Mod Podged a piece of black and white scrapbook paper to the bottom of the tray. It didn’t quite fit all of the way, so I decided to bring the black paint onto the paper to give the tray a more cohesive feel.

With that in mind, I took the Mod Podged tray (once it was dry, of course) back outside to strategically add a bit more black paint.

To finish off the tray, I added felt feet to the bottom and coated the tray with a sealer. I like the overall look of our new tray, but I think I eventually want to add something around the edges. I had a little bit of difficulty getting the edges to stay smooth and flat, which can be obvious depending on the angle.

Either way, it looks good on our table and will help us stay neat!


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