Home Improvement

Peg Board organization

This past weekend I finally got around to putting up some peg boards to organize our storage room and my craft room. Phew. Thank goodness.

Have you ever installed peg board? It’s pretty easy. You find your studs and screw in a long, narrow strip of wood to each one. Then, you screw your peg board on top — it is that easy.

Once it is installed, you can buy all sorts of hooks and such to help keep you organized. Here’s the peg board in our storage room. Holy organization!

My peg board in my craft room is even more awesome… mainly because it is in my craft room. I screwed in my strips of wood directly into the studs, but they were unfortunately a little far apart for the peg board to fit perfectly. *groans* So I painted the exposed wood white. Then I still wasn’t satisfied, so I painted the entire board the same color as the wall. That was good enough for me! Look at all those tools! My glue guns look particularly bad ass on my peg board.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with how this weekend project turned out. Go me.

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