A wonderful anniversary

Our one-year wedding anniversary was yesterday and was truly wonderful. The hubby and I waited for 12:01 a.m. on Sept. 17 to roll in to exchange our gifts — we were so excited to share what we made for one another.

I got Brian a set of computer books, made him a digital scrapbook of our honeymoon, made him bookmarks for his new books, and made him a Ravens tray. He made me a dozen paper flowers (**heart melts**) and got me A NAIL GUN!!! BEST. HUSBAND. EVER.

Look at these  beautiful flowers… I seriously think they are my favorite gift ever. My husband is the most amazing crafter alive. So impressed.


And then there is my nail gun. Yes, for our first wedding anniversary I got a nail gun. Yes, that is EXACTLY what I asked for. And Brian said he wouldn’t buy me one. I thought I was getting jewelry. Ha! So much better. SOOOOO excited to use this.


To celebrate our anniversary we had a yummy breakfast — french toast and sausage… mmmm, what a treat on a Monday morning! Then we looked outside and saw a purple flamingo waiting for us near  our mailbox. This same flamingo, which is dressed as a groom, appeared at Brian’s mom’s house the night before the wedding. A bride flamingo appeared at my mom’s house. So cute.


Then, we packed a lunch and headed out to Frederick, Md. to hike Sugar Loaf Mountain. It was a gorgeous day for hiking and the mountain was so pretty.

Check out this crazy car in the parking lot!
And look at this crazy castle house we saw on our drive! Holy cow.

The hike was great. We had a lot of fun.


To end our anniversary, we headed to Aida Wine Bar in Columbia to celebrate. I had the most delicious steak ever. EVER.

And of course, we had champagne out of our wedding flutes 🙂 I love champagne.

What a wonderful day with my wonderful hubby.


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