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Love note bookmarks

Today is our first wedding anniversary — I can’t believe it’s been a year already since we got married. My how time flies.

After spending a year married to my best friend, it was easy to come up with a lovey-dovey paper gift for our first anniversary.

In fact, I made him two paper gifts! The first was a digital scrapbook of our honeymoon to St. Lucia. It turned out great and I know he is going to love it.

Then, I bought him a set of four computer programming books he really wanted (so boring, but he’s gonna be so pumped!). So, to go along with his book, I made him a set of love note bookmarks.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the paint chip bookmarks trending on Pinterest — I decided to do a take on that and play off the fact that we just bought our first home in our first year of marriage — so what better than paint chip/love note bookmarks?!

I stopped by Home Depot to grab a bunch of paint swatches, but they don’t really carry any of the “typical” paint swatches (vertical with multiple squares of color per bar). So instead I grabbed a variety of colors of Behr swatches to cut down to the perfect bookmark size.

First, I had to cut these over-sized swatches down to appropriate bookmark size. Behr has this cool feature on its premium paint colors — a punch out in the bottom left corner to hook all of your swatches together. This was the section I cut off.

I then rounded the freshly cut corners using a scrapbook tool (thanks, Mom!).

Once the corners were rounded, it was time to cutesy up my bookmarks… but not too much. I want Brian to use them, after all.

I borrow a heart punch from my Mom to make these bookmarks a little bit more lovey. I chose the smallest heart option she had so as not to make them too girly.

I finished making a bunch of bookmarks and got to jotting down cute notes.

I used a sharpie so my messages would show up nice and clear. I think they turned out great. Hopefully the hubbs likes them!

Happy anniversary to the most wonderful husband a girl could ask for. You’re the best, babe. I love you to pieces and am so happy to spend forever with you. You are my No. 1 Husband, fo sho.

❤ Your wife of the year

Happy Monday, and have fun making your own paint chip bookmarks. So easy, so cute.


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