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Baltimore Ravens Wreath

The hubby and I are fans of the Baltimore Ravens, and with football season underway and the Ravens’ first game right around the corner, it was time to make some sweet Ravens decor for our house.

I’m really into wreaths right now, so I made us a Ravens wreath for our front door! I saw a Halloween wreath on Pinterest that used black tulle, and I immediately knew that that was how I wanted to make my wreath.

The Baltimore team got its name from Edgar Allen Poe’s famous “The Raven” poem — you know, “Quoth the Raven, ‘Nevermore.'” Poe lived in Baltimore when he died and became famous for his eerie writing, so the black tulle was the perfect fabric to use to give the wreath an eerie feel.

I bought a hay wreath form because I liked the round shape of the wreath. Hay was also a few bucks cheaper than a foam wreath form.

I started to take the plastic wrap off of the wreath, but quickly stopped. The hay started going everywhere and made it difficult to add the tulle. Plus, I have oober sensitive skin and the hay was no good for my bare arms.

Once I started adding tulle, I realized you can’t tell the plastic is still on, so I didn’t care about leaving it there. Phew.

To add the tulle, I cut various lengths and simply tied two knots to secure it around the wreath.

I used more than 120 yards of tulle to cover this wreath — holy cow! It also took me about three hours to cover the whole thing. It was worth it, though. Check out the great volume the tulle gives the wreath once it is all covered.


With the wreath totally covered in black, it was time to embellish.

I carefully selected purple, black and white flowers from Michaels — my purple flowers even have yellow in them! Perfect to match the Ravens’ uniforms.

I added the long vines to my wreath first and foremost, laying them up and down one side of the wreath. I then secured them with hot glue.

To cover up the hot glue, I glued four big flowers in the center.



Rem was there the whole time to help me make my wreath. He’s a Ravens fan, too.

With all of my flowers secured to the wreath, it was time to add my Ravens. Yes, Ravens.

I glued one little guy behind my cluster of purple flowers.


My other guy — he goes right in the middle. I broke the wire at his feet so I could wrap him around the wreath without having to glue him on.

With my creepy, black bids added, my wreath was complete.

The hubby loves it, especially the birds.


Love love love love love. It’s official, I am addicted to making wreaths. And how cool is a pretty wreath that supports your NFL team!?!?! So cool.

AND, it doubles as a pretty/creepy Halloween wreath.

I definitely scored some wife points with this project.

Happy Friday!

P.S. What do you think of the new blog format? It’s nice to have more color on the blog. Enjoy your weekends!





9 thoughts on “Baltimore Ravens Wreath”

  1. This looks fanTAStic! I’m so glad you shared the link with me so I could check it out! Too funny, those are the same exact purple flowers I used! Great minds really must think alike, especially when shopping at Michaels! I love it! I’m going to share it on my FB {One Artsy Mama} page! GO RAVENS!!

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