A lovely, long weekend

I love long weekends — who doesn’t, right?

Labor Day weekend was a much-needed break from work. We’ve been so busy now that students are back, so these three days were just what I needed!

Saturday was a fantastic day. I went to my dad’s neighborhood to help landscape a neighbor’s house. The owner was in need of help with her lawn, so my dad and several neighbors chipped in. One neighbor raked and raked and raked a huge dirt pile in the front of the house from a pipe replacement. My dad planted all new landscaping up front. I moved downed tree branches into the woods behind the house. Another neighbor trimmed low branches on the trees, while a final neighbor built a lattice hideaway for the garbage and recycling. We all mulched and tidied up, and the place looked great. She was so super appreciative, and it was really nice to help her.

Then my mom and I hung out and I made the sweet wreath I showed you yesterday.

The hubs and I spent Saturday night duck pin bowling with some friends. I’d never been before and it was so much fun.

Sunday we hung out with my brother and then went to dinner at my mom’s house. My step brother was watching a puppy for one of his buddies…. isn’t she so cute!?!?

Her name is Natty 🙂 She was so flippin’ cute.

Today, I’m working on a bunch of projects, including a portfolio for my best friend and a wreath for our front door. Oh, and I’m making homemade sugar cookies and snicker doodles for a cookout tonight.

Yay for long weekends. Hope you all are enjoying yours! Happy Labor Day!


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