Craft Projects, Jewelry

Craft FAIL(ssss)

Do you ever have one of those days where nothing seems to go right? I guess we all do, huh? Well, as far as craft projects go, that’s been the story of my week with new projects.

First, I tried to paint glass in an effort to turn two pretty jugs into lamps. They were so pretty…. but now they are so garbage. Lame.

Next, I tried to mod podge a comic book in a woven pattern onto a wooden tray. That was just a travesty. Double lame.

So, I stuck with what I know best — and that’s jewelry. I haven’t been super into making jewelry lately, but I found these beautiful teal beads at Michaels the other day so I plopped down onto my couch with some red wine and chocolate chops and created a beautiful necklace.


Now check out these fancy beads!

Aren’t they so pretty?!? I had to have them, and they were on clearance! Woot!

I also picked up some silver spacer beads. I strung everything together to make this purddddy necklace.

At least this necklace wasn’t a craft fail.

Also not a fail… my new sparkly fingernails! My mom and I got our nails done today and I couldn’t resist the glitter polish. And, it’s the gel/shelac stuff, so I can’t destroy it! Yay 🙂

Hope your weekend was more productive than mine!

Update: Bahaha. Rem loves the necklace!



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