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Sunshine Yellow wooden chairs

I love the color scheme in our house — it’s very calming and beautiful. Having said that, it never hurts to add pops of bright colors here and there. That’s just what I did with my most recent project. I found two wooden chairs at a local thrift store that I liked the shape of. So, I snagged them ($5 and $7… not too bad) and ran to Home Depot to pick a bright fun color.

I ended up going with a bright shade of yellow. I set up a drop cloth in my yard so I had plenty of ventilation for my project, then started to spray away.


The chairs turned out great. There are a few spots I need to sand down and touch up but very time I spray paint I either grossly underestimate the amount of spray paint I”ll need and run out, or it starts to thunderstorm and I get interrupted halfway through my project. I’ve got about half a can left, maybe less, so hopefully it will be enough to cover a few areas I need to touch up. If not, I’ll buy one last can next time I’m at the store. I used five in total for this project.

Once my chairs were dry, I brought them inside. I’m debating whether to flank each side of my buffet (which I still need to refinish) with a chair so they are against our bluish-greenish walls, or if I should put them on our main floor so they are against the light gray.

Overall, I think they are adorable and oh so cheery.

I also like that we’ll have more seating options for our guests. The chairs are comfy, too!

Now I just need to make two pillows to tie them into whichever room I decide to keep them in. I’m thinking a gray chevron pattern with a cheery yellow flower and an aqua button… That can’t be too complicated to make, right?

That pillow looks dumb and is way too big, but you get the idea.

** The sad part about this project is that while I love the yellow, I keep wondering if I should have painted them an aqua blue instead… I have a serious problem with my love of blues and greens. I have to keep telling myself it’s OK to have yellow in my house :p **




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