Potato, tomato, mmmmm.

Today I harvested potatoes from my garden!! It was so fun to dig up each little spud. Between my potatoes and my recent harvest of tomatoes, we had more fresh food than we could eat (especially since I stocked up on a ton of fresh goodies from the store, too). I gave my neighbors some taters and maters so nothing would go to waste.

Other than gardening, I’m starting to buy stuff for our party. We figured out our booze situation and food situation, so that’s good. I tried to find citronella candles at Target tonight, but no luck. Guess I waited too long. I’ll have to check Home depot or Lowes. I did, however, finally buy grill tools! Score.

I’m also working on a project at work that I’ll hopefully be blogging about soon. I have been working on redesigning our conference room, and it should all be coming together soon! I can’t wait to show you guys — it’s going to look great!


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