Graphic Design

One month from yesterday…

One month from yesterday the hubby and I are throwing our house-warming party! It’s the first-ever party at our place, and I feel like there is tons to do to get ready. So in an effort to prioritize our list, I created this helpful print-out for each of us. One is hubby colored, one is wifey colored. Hopefully we can knock out our to-dos quickly because I know this month is going to fly on by!



Won’t these lists look super cute on our fridge? You should see the ugly brown notepad we write on now. I am much more likely to complete my list now that it’s super cute and colorful. … well, that’s the story I’m sticking to anyway šŸ™‚

Font used:Ā Delikatessen (See, I told you I’d use something new next time!)

If you and your hubby have chore lists around the house, feel free to download and use these charming To Do lists!

Now to figure out what needs to be done!


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