Home Improvement

50 (minus 49) shades of gray

While it might not be as exciting as 50 Shades of Grey, my hallway is finally one shade of gray instead of yellowish-beige! Hooray!

I spent my Fourth of July holiday painting away and am happy to say I’m finally finished painting our house… Well, sort of. I will paint our last bathroom whenever we redo it and I might have to paint our laundry room from sheer boredom and a lack of walls to paint! But for now, it feels great to be done.

Before (I locked the pup out with chairs… he was not pleased):





Doesn’t it look so much nicer? It was a pain to prep because we have five doors down our short hallway. Not to mention, there’s a part at the top of the stairs that was oober tricky. We had to lean the ladder against the wall using the stairs as the ground. Kinda scary.

It was worth it. Now off to Home Depot to buy a new air return grate! Hope you all had a great holiday!

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