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The Best Place on Earth: Antoinette’s

I think I have the best family on this planet. Seriously. The Rowickis are just awesome. Today was a day to just hang out and unwind from the busy graduation celebration yesterday. Of course that means swiimming in the pool, eating tons of food and visiting some of our favorite places around town: Vidler’s & Antoinettes.

Vidler’s is pretty amazing. It’s a nickel and dime shop in East Aurora, N.Y., that sells the cutest stuff. I bought lot of bird decorations for our house (because remember, I love birds. It’s becoming an issue. … Seriously, someone intervene!). My cousin Garrett and I walked around picking which birds I should get, naming the ones we chose. Stanley, Pal, Flap, Beatrice, Lola and… OK, shoot… I don’t remember the last name of the birds. He would be very upset.

I picked out a set of three small silver birds; a set of three white ceramic birds; and a set of bird salt and pepper shakers. I might be starting a collectino of those… don’t tell the hubby. I’m sure he’ll have something to say about that. BUT he’s not here, so he couldn’t stop me and my obsession. Muahahaha.

After Viddlers, we drove to Antoinette’s Sweets. It’s pretty much the best place ever. The whole Rowicki clan crowded in to order exorbitant sundaes and milkshakes. Then once we finished, we went to the other side of the store to pick out our delicious candy. When you visit Antoinette’s, you have to get three things: Ice cream, Sponge Candy and Shoestring Licorice. It’s a good thing we don’t go to Antoinette’s more than once a year (if that), or we’d all be total chunky monkeys.

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