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Bedroom loveliness

I’ve been a busy crafter this weekend! Check out the pretty upgrades to our master bedroom:

I got this new duvet cover and throw pillow at le target. I love it — it’s understated pattern works really well against the dark grayish-blue walls of our bedroom. Plus, the gray matches the silver accents around the room.

We also hung up a gallery wall in our bedroom. It wasn’t what I originally planned for two reasons: One, the hubby hated the big silver picture frame with letters in it (he’s so clueless ;p), and two, the gallery wall I originally laid on was wayyyyyy too big for the wall. Oh well!

Also, none of the pictures in the frames are staying as is (do you see the sideways Brian on the far left?), but it’s nice to finally have something up on our huge empty wall. Notice the big, silver mirror — doesn’t it look great?!

Check back tomorrow for fun crafts. Like I said, I was busy all weekend!

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