Fishbowl Planter

I’m jumping on the succulent/cactus wagon. I was shopping for plants with my dad a few weeks ago and saw the tiniest cactus plant for $2.50 — It was super cute and I just had to  have it. It sat in its planter for a week or so before I figured out where I wanted to plant it. I finally decided on planting it in a large fish bowl. I’d seen other people try this with their plants and it looks so cool!

This project is really simple. All you need is potting soil, as many succulents as you’d like to stuff into a fishbowl, and the bowl itself. I stuck with my lone cactus.

I filled the bowl with a ton of potting soil, then created a hole in the middle for the plant. Once my cactus was good and planted (and watered), I stuck it in the middle of our bay window. It looks really nice there — I especially like that the sight line outside isn’t obstructed because the bowl is glass.

I might add rocks to the top of the soil, but for now I left it as is.

If you are a plant killer, this is a great way to bring the outdoors inside. It’s pretty hard to kill these little guys!

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