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Ombre picture frames

My dad went to a yard sale in his neighborhood a few weeks ago and bought the hubby and I a coffee table and a piece of art for our house. The coffee table is great. I want to refinish it so it matches our existing furniture, but until then it’s a great piece for our family room.

The artwork wasn’t so great. Well, it would have been great had we bought a house at the beach… but at our house in suburban Maryland with no beach theme whatsoever, this piece didn’t fit in so well. It’s the thought that counts, though 🙂

While the hubby wanted me to chuck the beach frame trio, I held onto it because I had a hunch I could turn it into something we’d like to have hanging in our home. Then it finally hit me… this trio frame would be perfect for displaying the Love prints I designed.

I ran into a few problems with this project. First and foremost, the frames had no glass. So I had to find away to put “glass” into my non-standard sized frames. So I removed the beach scenes, printed my Love prints, and started trying to figure out how to make my frames look like they had glass when they didn’t. My solution was to take sheet protectors and cut them down to size so they’d fit perfectly in the frames.

The frames also had no back to hold my artwork in. So, I traced the outline of the frame onto cardboard and cut it out to work as the backing for the frame.

With all of the pieces of the puzzle solved, I assembled my frame trio…. but I still wasn’t crazy about it. The off white of the frames looked rather bland next to the white of the Love prints. I decided to paint the frames gray. Then I decided it would be fun to do an ombre effect on the frame trio.

With that in mind, I pulled out the gray paint leftover from our dining room and my wooden trunk project. I painted the top frame this gray, then diluted the color with some white paint.

I painted the second frame a shade lighter, then added more white paint for the last frame.

Once all three frames were painted and dry, I popped the prints back in. I think they look fabulous in the gray frames and even more fabulous hanging in our bedroom!

I designed five Love prints total, but I picked my favorite three for the frame.

If you like the hanging frame trio but don’t have one already hooked together, you could create your own using twine or thin rope and a staple gun to connect your frames. You could also get extra fancy and connect your frames with decorate chain. Oh the possibilities!


4 thoughts on “Ombre picture frames”

  1. Tell Brian I am judging him for wanting to chuck my father’s gift. RUDE!!
    Way to save the day. It’s freaking cute!!

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