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Mirror, mirror on the wall

A month or so ago I went to a closing sale at a local art store. I bought a bunch of great supplies, including the picture frames that I turned into jewelry displays, a lot of paint brushes, a little end table and a pretty mirror.

The mirror had a vibrant gold frame with a beautiful pattern around the edges. I wasn’t sure if I would leave it that way or not, but I grabbed it before any of my competition could. I have such a hard time passing by pretty mirrors. It might be a disease or something… who knows.

Anyway, my cousin visited a couple of weekends ago (yes, this is related), and she brought the hubby and me a framed print of a photo she took during our first dance. It’s one of Brian’s favorite pictures from our wedding, so when I visited her in March we picked out a silver frame so the hubby and I could hang it up in our room!

Check out this gorgeous photo 🙂

OK, back to the mirror. After we hung the photo up in our room, I had the perfect plan for our mirror. All it needed was a few coats of silver paint, and it would go perfectly in our master bedroom with our wedding photo.

Before I started painting, I taped off the inside of the mirror. I am not that neat of a painter, so that was totally necessary.

Once it was ready to go, I applied a light coat of Martha Stewart’s metallic silver paint — this was the same paint I used to paint silver stripes on my wooden trunk.

I painted the mirror with a sponge brush instead of a paint brush. This helped me avoid uneven brush lines along the frame. It also helped me get the paint into the small parts of the frame.

I let the paint dry overnight, then coated it a second and third time.

So pretty! Doesn’t the frame of the mirror seem to match the color and style of the wedding frame! Wahoo. I love happy coincidences.

The paint dried beautifully, and again I am very happy with Martha’s metallic paint. It’s got the perfect amount of shimmer and sheen to it.

My dog is so cute in my painted mirror. Ha! Caught him red-handed (red-pawed?) eating a rock. Darn dog.

And just for fun… upside down dog in the mirror. Yes, I was having too much fun.

I love the mirror even more in silver, especially looking back at how vibrant the gold is. At the end of the day, I’m a cool-color girl. Silver almost always beats gold.

This quick upgrade to the mirror just proves that sometimes all something needs is a quick coat of paint. Easy peasy.

One last thing…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!!!!!

Hope your day was wonderful, baby sister.

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