Reveal: Wooden Trunk

After lots of painting, my little wooden trunk if finally complete! I’m pleased with how it turned out and am very excited to share it with you.

Remember this bad boy?

Two coats of primer and two coats of paint later and this trunk was ready for some fun.

I wanted to play with the Martha Stewart Metallic paint I’ve seen in Home Depot, so I snagged some silver paint and dragged out the white paint I had left over from other projects around the house.

Using painter’s tape for delicate projects, I taped out a funky stripe pattern with a zig (but no zag) on the top of the trunk.

I also grabbed a couple of packs of sponge brushes from the dollar store (sweet score, huh?). These came in pretty handy for this project.

I decided to create an uneven pattern with the width of the stripes.

I painted every other stripe silver and the others white.

I did two coats of each and got quite painty while doing so.

Time to take the tape off… *drumroll, please*

Sidenote: Make sure you take painter’s tape off before the paint is completely dry, otherwise you’re more at risk for peeling off paint!

Once the stripes dried completely, I spayed the whole trunk, inside and out, with a sealant for an extra coat of protection.

I am really pleased with how the metallic paint turned out (I’m already working on a few other projects using this paint!).

I don’t know about you, but I think this $3 was totally well spent 🙂


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